Learning Lab

If your child has an ADHD diagnosis filed with the MMW health office or at your child’s elementary school health office, Minnetonka Middle School West offers a Learning Lab to students with ADHD. The Learning Lab meets before and after school. Typically, students attend the learning lab 2 days a week for one hour.

Students will gain understanding of ADHD, learn strategies to help them manage their ADHD and implement those strategies at the learning lab. Students routinely check Schoology for their missing assignments and use lab for work completion and organization. Education about ADHD is fundamental to the program. Topics such as Organization, Time Management, Self-Awareness, Motivation, Goal Setting, Personal Learning Plan and Personal Advocacy are discussed and reinforced.


The MMW Learning Lab has reached its maximum capacity for members for the 2022-2023 school year and is not accepting applications at this time.

Please e-mail Reilly Woodruff at to be placed on a waiting list.