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Middle Schoolers Head to State After Regional Science Fair
Middle Schoolers Head to State After Regional Science Fair

The end of January marked an exciting time for sixth grade accelerated science students at MME and MMW. After two long months of preparation, they were finally ready to present their completed science fair projects to parents, judges and other interested teachers and students. Dozens of poster boards filled the media center of both buildings, with titles ranging from "Turning Garbage Into Growth," to "How Do You Put the Electro Into Magnet" to "The Amazing Potential of Oobleck."

Students began the experiment much earlier in the year. First, they had to brainstorm ideas for their project. Students came up with a wide variety of ideas—plant growth, lasers, and ice cream were just a few examples. After researching background information and formulating a hypothesis, they were finally ready to perform their experiments. Each student presented their findings through tables, graphs and written conclusions on poster boards to their peers.

"My favorite part of the experiment was the experiment itself," explains Izzy Gensmer, from MMW. Izzy's project examined the effects that caffeine tablets had on plant growth. "Watching how the plants reacted, it was really cool watching how they grew, and which ones sprouted and which ones didn't."

Some students who did exceptionally well on the project had the opportunity to advance to the Regional Science Fair, which was held last Friday, February 28th.

MME Student Winners

From MME, Milan Darji and Jada Silver will be going to State

MMW Student Winners

From MMW, Sam McHugh, Isaac Rose and Oliver Nelson will be going to state.

Even for those who didn't move on the science fair project proved to be a great educational opportunity. Many had never had the chance to perform an experiment as in depth as this in previous years, it was a hands-on experience that strengthened their understanding of the scientific method and other elements they had learned in class. Most students agreed that they look forward to a similar project in the future.

"We're already thinking of ideas to do as part of next year's science fair," remarked another student.

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