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How much does the yearbook cost?

The Yearbook store opens June 21, 2018. The store closes on April 24, 2019. Prices include tax, and are as follows:

  • $68 until 9/10/18
  • $75 from 9/11/18 to 1/22/19
  • $85 from 1/23/19 to 4/22/19

Order early for the best price and to guarantee that you get a book. (We have sold out the last three years!)

When are senior pictures and baby ads due?

Both senior pictures and senior baby ads (available to purchase for $25) are due on Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018. Specific information is mailed to families of seniors in the fall. Be sure to read the senior photo info sheet. Basic information:

Senior photos will be published in color, but black and white or sepia photos may also be used.
Try to submit a head and shoulder shot; faces in full body shots get really small!
Clothing/props/attire must follow the school dress code. (See the MHS Student Handbook.)
Submit a photo with a vertical layout. Any horizontal submissions will be cropped to fit.
Photos will be submitted electronically, so make sure the photo is saved as a .jpeg or .png file at least 300ppi if wallet-sized.

Senior photos should be named with the senior’s first and last name and emailed to with the senior’s name and the words “senior photo” in the subject line.

Baby ads can be purchased from starting in the fall. Please read the info sheet closely to follow the correct style.

I forgot to pick up my yearbook. Where can I get it now?

Come to the English office, room 2405, to pick up your yearbook any school day between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. The yearbook staff will not be held responsible for any books left after the last day of school.

May I still buy yearbooks from past years?

Perhaps. Contact our business manager, Tammy Kottke at

How do I join the yearbook staff?

Contact the adviser, Tessa Ikola, at for an application. Students must apply and be interviewed to be considered for the year-long class.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about yearbook?

Email or call the school at 952-401-5700. You may also contact the adviser, Tessa Ikola, at or the business manager, Tammy Kottke, at

Interested in Joining the Yearbook Staff?

Contact the adviser, Tessa Ikola, at for an application. Students must apply and be interviewed to be considered for the year-long class.

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Get Involved!

Yearbook includes two semester courses and after-school time as needed at MHS.

Applicants go through an application process just prior to spring registration for admission to the year-long class. In June, returning staff members begin the planning and production of the yearbook at a summer yearbook camp. Throughout the first three quarters, students create the yearbook (design layouts, take pictures, interview students, write captions). Fourth quarter, students create the spring supplement and begin planning for the next year. This is a great opportunity for students to learn real world responsibilities and take pride in the results. Underclassmen are encouraged to apply!

Adviser: Tessa Ikola

Business manager: Tammy Kottke:

General email: