Who will meet with me?

Either the Writing Center teachers, Krista Hitchcock and Shannon Puechner, or one of our student coaches. Our coaches are seniors, juniors, and sophomores who are well‐trained to listen, guide, and ask questions that will help you improve your paper. We will pair you up with a coach who has completed your grade, or you can request to meet with a staff member. All seniors meet with Writing Center staff.

When can I come?

The Writing Center is open from 7 a.m.-3:15 p.m. You can schedule an appointment or drop-in during zero hour, during your lunch hour, or after school. You must have a pass from your teacher to come to the Writing Center during class time.

What happens in a writing conference?

You let us know what you want to work on, and we ask questions and give suggestions. If you are just getting started, we’ll brainstorm ideas or discuss organization. If you have a draft, we’ll look at your assignment and rubric together, then talk about ways you might improve your paper. If you are ready to turn in a paper, we’ll help you proofread it. We ask you to take notes during our session so you can revise on your own later.

How far in advance should I come?

A few days before your paper is due, if possible. Some students schedule a future appointment the day a paper is assigned; this helps ensure that you will write a rough draft and have time to make changes. While we can work with you the day your paper is due, you probably won’t have much time to make revisions.

What if I can't think of a way to start writing? Do I need to have a draft to bring to an appointment?

Bring the assignment or prompt, as well as any books or related materials, and we will help you develop your ideas or talk through the prompt.

Will you proofread or edit my paper?

We won’t proofread for you, but we will help you do it yourself. If we see a common grammatical error, we will demonstrate a way to fix it. If you have specific questions about citations, usage, punctuation, etc. we will answer them and model how to address the issue throughout your paper. We may also direct you to helpful handouts or online resources.

Students in the Writing Center