Grade 9 Planning Guide

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As you enter freshman year, don’t look at it only as freshman year - this is the time you will be building a four-year plan. It is certain to change over the next four years, but take the time to fill in some of the possible dots now.

To receive a Minnetonka High School diploma, students must fulfill certain requirements. View the MHS Graduation Requirements here.


Choose from:

  • English 9
  • English 9 Honors
  • English 9 Honors Communications 
    • Open to Minnetonka students who have successfully completed the middle school Accelerated Science curriculum or new-to-district students who have successfully completed a placement test
    • Students are concurrently enrolled in AP Physics I - Grade 9 as freshmen. In addition to the Honors English curriculum, there is a technical communication emphasis.

Social Studies

Choose from:

  • Human Geography and Civics
  • Chinese Immersion Human Geography and Civics
    • Requires concurrent enrollment in Chinese Language Immersion
  • Spanish Immersion Human Geography and Civics
    • Requires concurrent enrollment in Spanish Language Immersion
  • AP Human Geography 9


  • For math, you should follow the recommendation of your current math teacher. Our math teachers are exceptionally skilled in placing students at the correct level. 


Choose from:

  • Earth Science (New for 2024-25)
  • Earth Science Honors (New for 2024-25)
    • Must have received an A or B in both Algebra in middle school and eighth grade science.
  • AP Physics I - Grade 9
    • Must be in the 99th percentile in math and reading scores and have completed higher algebra and physical science in middle school. Concurrent enrollment in English 9 Honors Communications is required.


  • To fulfill the recommended 6 credits during your freshman year, complete you course schedule with a selection of electives. Review the Skipper Log for current course options.
Student Activities

Tonka Online

By taking advantage of Tonka Online, you can complete required or prep courses during the summer, flex your daytime schedule or pick up an additional class during the school year. With Tonka Online, you can:

  • Use a summer Prep course to help you prepare for advanced class like AP Calculus or AP Chemistry the following school year
  • Take two music classes during the year
  • Pursue electives that align with your passions
  • Ensure time for specialty programs during your junior and senior year
  • Take a summer PE or other required course to create more flexibility in your school year schedule

With more than 300 courses offered at Minnetonka High School—including programs like VANTAGE, International Baccalaureate, Project Lead the Way, and a world-class fine arts program— students occasionally have a hard time making it all fit. Tonka Online can help!