Grade 12 Planning Guide

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For all seniors, we encourage you to keep up the rigor. Your best indicator of post-secondary success is if you finish high school strong. The senior year is your most important year because it tells a college what kind of a student you are going to be.

We encourage all college-bound students to try at least one IB or AP course. Research is clear: Students who take an AP or IB course during high school are more likely to complete their college degree. It's about learning how to manage the demands of a college level course. Senior year has much more flexibility, but use it well to finish strong!

To receive a Minnetonka High School diploma, students must fulfill certain requirements. View the MHS Graduation Requirements here.

English: Students may take a year-long course or two semester-long courses.

Year-long courses - choose one:


Semester-long courses - choose two:
  • Comparative Bible Literature
  • Composition for College (also Tonka Online option)
  • English 12 Fall (also a Tonka Online Summer option. Please note that if you complete Tonka Online English 12 Summer 2020 (Course #T1030S), you cannot register for English 12 Fall (Course #1030).
  • English 12 Winter (Tonka Online option)
  • English 12 Honors
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism
  • Speech Hybrid
  • AP Language and Composition 12 (also Tonka Online option)

Social Studies

Choose from:


  • Follow your course sequence. Talk to your teacher for recommendations. If you are college-bound, we strongly recommend a fourth year of math. The University of Minnesota requires math in your senior year.
  • VANTAGE: Business Analytics (AP Statistics)


  • Principles of Physics
    • If you are college-bound, we strongly recommend a fourth year of science. Physics is strongly encouraged. If you have aspirations to go to the University of Minnesota and most other schools, they want to see Physics on your transcript.
  • Physics (Tonka Online option)
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics C - mechanics (online and in person)
  • AP Physics C - Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics of Home Renovation
  • IB Sports, Exercise Health Science SL
  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience (online)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (Tonka Online option)
  • Earth and Space
  • Astronomy (Tonka Online option)
  • AP Environmental Science (Tonka Online option)
  • Scientific Research I or II (Minnetonka Research)
  • VANTAGE: Global Sustainability (AP Environmental Science)
  • VANTAGE: Health Sciences (Anatomy)



  • To fulfill the recommended 5 credits during your senior year, complete you course schedule with a selection of electives. Review the Skipper Log for current course options.
Student Activities
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The Senior Capstone Project provides students the opportunity to apply and participate in a two-week, off-campus experience at the end of their senior year. Eligible seniors can choose to explore a career field, service work, or a project of interest by working with a mentor in a unique, real-world learning environment outside the boundaries of traditional school. This experience is designed to inspire seniors to explore their aspirations while enhancing the educational experience at Minnetonka High School.

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Tonka Online

By taking advantage of Tonka Online, you can complete required or prep courses during the summer, flex your daytime schedule or pick up an additional class during the school year. With Tonka Online, you can:

  • Complete three years of math in two years
  • Take two music classes during the year
  • Pursue electives that align with your passions
  • Ensure time for specialty programs during your junior and senior year.

With more than 300 courses offered at Minnetonka High School—including programs like VANTAGE, International Baccalaureate, Project Lead the Way, and a world-class fine arts program— students occasionally have a hard time making it all fit. Tonka Online can help!