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Muse Magazine is an online literary journal that accepts all types of art from poetry to music to paintings. It is run by a small group of students and one adult advisor.

During the school year, Muse will put out a Winter and a Spring Edition. Meetings will take place either in the Writing Center, the advisor's classroom, or the Breezes office when it comes time for layout work. Time commitment is smaller than Breezes or Yearbook, but similarly intensifies around publishing time.

Students involved will be tasked with speaking in art, music, and writing classes to help procure work for the journal. On top of that, students will put in hours before and after school and on their own time to finalize the journal layout once submissions have closed. Meetings are typically every other week and involve brainstorming layout themes, plans to advertise, plans for soliciting submissions, and submission reading/listening.

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Muse Magazine - Winter 2024

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