About Family Friends

Family Friends is a Minnesota nonprofit corporation which is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 corporation and the State of Minnesota as a tax exempt organization. It is registered by the Minnesota Attorney General to solicit funds. It charges no fees for services but relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations and community organizations.


  • Family Friends’ largest source of funds is the Minnetonka High School student government which raises funds through “Heart Week” in February each year.
  • More than 100 Mtka School District teachers and other staff designate funds for Family Friends through United Way donor-designated gifts.
  • Ridgewood Church supports Family Friends through its missions budget and by providing office space and administrative support.
  • Individual donors support Family Friends through direct contributions and United Way donations through employers.
  • Several philanthropic foundations provide grants.
  • More than 95% of Family Friends’ funds are used for outreach program and direct financial assistance.

Family Friends Program Activities

Food to Minnetonka High School:
Family Friends partners with Caribou to provide food to Minnetonka High School students who do not have resources for breakfast at home.

Dental Care:
Family Friends sponsors a dental van to at-risk MHS students who are identified, screened and treated including fillings.

Medical Care:
Family Friends assists with obtaining appointments, transportation and arranges medical exams and referrals for at-risk students without access to medical care. Family Friends also partners with Lions Club to obtain eye exams and glasses for at-risk students.

Good Samaritan Awards:
Family Friends partners with Minnetonka Police to provide rewards to students who go out of their way to help others.

Family Friends outreach workers are present daily on the high school and middle school campuses to listen to and share with students. The outreach workers connect with students who need encouragement and support to be successful at home, school and in the community.

Direct Financial Assistance:
Family Friends assists at-risk students and families by paying for clothing, student lunches, class fees, athletic fees, and school activities fees in addition to transportation and housing expenses such as rent and utilities.

Crisis Intervention:
Family Friends is an integral part of Mtka High School’s crisis team dealing with student and staff crises

Ongoing support and encouragement:
Family Friends provides intensive and long-term personal support and financial help when there are major family and economic issues. This often extends beyond the scope of immediate crisis in terms of time and location.

Minnetonka High School summer programs:
Family Friends partners with Cub Foods and Caribou to provide snacks and beverages as well daily encouragement and support to the students (all of whom are behind in graduation requirements).

Community Summer Program:
Family Friends collaborates with community programs in low-income housing projects by providing support and snacks for youth and their families.

Other Partnerships:
Family Friends partners with Timber Bay, Tree House, and Bren Road Alternative School who have joint programs with us in the Ridgewood Church gym.

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