Academic Support

Zero Hour: Teachers offer in-person student support on designated days before school (7:05-7:50). This consistent schedule allows students and teachers to plan ahead.

Minnetonka Academic Success Time (MAST): Minnetonka Academic Success Time (MAST) runs on Wednesdays from 7:55 to 8:35 a.m. On MAST mornings, 1st period begins at 8:40 a.m. Each remaining period in the day is shortened by six minutes so that school ends at the normal time and buses can follow their regular schedules.

MAST assignments: Focused, instructional time with teachers. Teachers assign students to MAST sessions based on academic performance with the goal of providing targeted, just-in-time instruction. Students are assigned to MAST for a variety of reasons from missing work, to writing conferences, to preparing for forthcoming assessments. It is not just for students in academic distress, but for any student who might benefit from focused instructional time with their teacher.

If your child is assigned to a MAST session, our scheduling system sends the following notifications:

    • you and your child (via their Minnetonka Google email account [] will receive an email from on Tuesday afternoon that includes the subject, teacher, and location of the session.
    • Students will also receive a push notification on their iPad.

MAST attendance expectations and notification. Student attendance and participation during this instructional time is critical to their academic success. Students are required to follow the same attendance expectations and procedures as regularly scheduled classes. Before MAST assignments are scheduled, counselors, case managers, and administrators work carefully to resolve scheduling conflicts so that students are assigned to only one MAST session. Assignment to a MAST session takes priority over make-up testing. If your teen does not attend the scheduled MAST session, you will receive a separate email on Thursday morning indicating that they were absent.

Students who are not assigned to a MAST session can either engage in academic work in the school or arrive in time for 1st period to begin at 8:40 a.m.

Writing Center: Writing Coaches are available before school in the Writing Center, located off the student Commons. Learn more about the Writing Center. Coming soon! The OnBoard app will allow you to schedule appointments from your iPad.

Math Center: Math Coaches are available before school in the College Center. Math Coaches are available to all students seeking assistance with math homework, preparing for a test, test corrections for a retake, or to get caught up from absences. They are able to help with all levels of math curriculum from Algebra to Calculus and Statistics, online or classroom courses; as well as ACT prep and practice. Coming soon! The OnBoard app will allow you to schedule appointments from your iPad.

Peer Tutors: Academic Anchors is our peer tutoring program. It is available to all students seeking academic support. Academic Anchors are students in grades 10-12 who have been chosen through an application and recommendation process. You may request a tutor in any subject area online (also posted on the Student Tutoring Schoology Group page). An Academic Anchor will then contact you directly by email or phone to set up a time to meet. You may request a one-time or ongoing tutor. If you are seeking support in English and/or math, you should visit the Writing Center or Math Center for 1:1 support before requesting an individual tutor.

Make-up Testing: Students can report to a testing room to make up tests Monday through Thursday from 7:05 a.m.-3:40 p.m. and on Fridays from 7:00 a.m-2:40 p.m. Students must present their MHS ID to be issued a test. Please note that MAST mornings tend to be busy in testing rooms; students are encouraged to test at a different time when possible.

  • General testing: Room 1302
  • Math testing: Room 1414
  • World Language testing: Room 2614
  • English testing: Room 2420

Students who are absent (regardless of absence classification) on an in-class assessment day (i.e. test) have one week to make up the missing assessment. Anything beyond that time frame needs teacher approval. Additional days for extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the teacher. This consistent expectation provides structure for students to remain on pace with their studies.

The Port & Quiet Study Areas: Formerly known as the Media Center, The Port is open with technology support available from staff and student TechMates. Students may also take advantage of collaborative spaces within The Port to work on small group projects, receive research help, or check out books.

When you visit MHS, you will notice our newly re-purposed spaces for quiet study and student collaboration. Such areas are by the South Entrance, throughout the Commons, outside the Health Office, and on the second floor above the north Commons. When using these spaces, students are to engage in academic work and to keep food and other items out to help the spaces remain tidy.

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