MHS Drop-Off and Pick-Up Instructions

Here’s how to properly get dropped off and picked up from Minnetonka High School if you are not using the bus or walking. Please for the safety of students, staff, and other drivers be patient and cautious during both drop off and pick up. School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:40 pm.

Please take a moment to review the video and check out our daily schedule as this information is critical to establishing a smooth and efficient transition into the school day.


When dropping off your student(s) before school, we ask that you use the main entrance of the high school. Staff will direct cars down one of two paths with the goal of getting as many cars off the frontage road and into our parking lot. Using the following image as a reference.

Morning Drop-Off

Staff will direct cars to follow the blue lines (curb drop-off). Before allowing students to leave your vehicle, we ask that you continue to move forward to the Arts Center (Door 3N) until there are no open spaces in front of you.

When the drop off at the curb (blue lines) has reached capacity, staff will direct vehicles to follow the yellow lines all the way to the Arts Center. Students being dropped off using this path will use the crosswalks, when traffic has stopped, to access the school.


Our primary pick up location is the Main Entrance of the high school.

If you are planning on picking up your student after school, staff will instruct you where to pull up and stop to wait for your student. If the spaces in front of you open up while waiting for your student, please pull forward to make room for other cars to wait.

Afternoon Pickup

Cars may park where the yellow lines are and will be directed by staff. Please leave a driving lane for traffic to flow between parked cars.

East Bus Loop

After 3 pm, families can pick up their students in the East Bus Loop, where the flow of traffic usually moves seamlessly.

East Bus Loop

West Entrance

At 3:30 pm and later students should wait for rides and be picked up at the Tonka Center/West Entrance.


Clinton Fenner
Assistant Principal


Drop Off & Pick Up Quick Tips

  1. Utilize the bus loop after 3:00 PM
  2. Always pull as far forward as possible 
  3. Avoid picking up students at the West entry 
  4. Pay attention to parking staff directives
  5. Slow is safe

Thank you for keeping students, parents and staff safe during these high pedestrian and traffic times.