MHS Drop Off and Pick Up Instructions

There are four key locations available for pick up and drop off outlined in the video below. Please take a moment to review the video and check our daily schedule as this information is critical to establishing a smooth and efficient transition into the school day. Please click the image below to view the video:


Main Loop Drop-Off/Pick-Up 6:30 AM through 4:00 PM 

  • Drivers should plan to pull forward to door 3N of the Arts Center
  • Staff will be present during both phases of transition in support of student safety 
  • Please ensure crosswalks are not blocked and directives from staff are followed
  • The optimal time for end of day pick up is after 3:00 PM. 

Bus Loop: After 3:00 PM

  • Plan to take advantage of this by arriving before 7:30 AM
  • After school pickup may resume after 3:00 PM
  • Planning an early arrival will allow for a quick transition into the school day


Red Lot (West Student/Staff Lot) 

  • Following drop-off, drivers may continue to the exit point on Delton Ave.
  • Pick-up from this location is encouraged after 3:00 PM 

West Entrance (Tonka Center doors): after 3:10 PM

  • Primarily utilized for after-school activities pickup 
  • Drivers may be asked to yield to buses related to activities
  • Please avoid using the West Entrance for pick-up from 2:30-3:10 PM as traffic in the West lot is exiting immediately after school.

Drop Off & Pick Up Quick Tips

  1. Utilize the bus loop after 3:00 PM
  2. Always pull as far forward as possible 
  3. Avoid picking up students at the West entry 
  4. Pay attention to parking staff directives
  5. Slow is safe

Thank you for keeping students, parents and staff safe during these high pedestrian and traffic times.


Josh Stephan, Student Affairs Coordinator