Student Parking

Parking Permits for 2021-22 School Year

Information on the parking application process will be emailed to families the last week of July.

Parking permits are issued to licensed drivers based on the number of licensed drivers in a carpool and prioritized by grade level. Carpooling is the key to success for parking as we rely on this system to maximize the number of students we can accommodate. Students that make arrangements to carpool are prioritized as we distribute permits. Many of our students are heavily involved in activities at MHS and have unique schedules. We have a limited number of parking spaces and carpooling allows us to optimize the use of our lot. We are unable to prioritize individual permits for students based on schedules, activities, or living out of district.

Parking Pools

The following pools will be used to issue permits:

  • Pool 1: Four licensed drivers with one junior or senior
  • Pool 2: Three licensed drivers with at least one junior or senior
  • Pool 3: Two licensed drivers with at least one junior or senior
  • Pool 4: Senior Individual
  • Pool 5: Junior Individual (a drawing for pool 5 will be done after pools 1-4 have been issued)

Parking Permit Application

The permit application will be open from Monday August 16th through Wednesday August 25th

Permits will be distributed the first week of September at MHS.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Only one permit will be issued per household
  • Only licensed drivers may be included on an application. Driver’s licenses will be required on permit pickup
  • Providing false information on the application (about grade level/# of carpool partners/eligible drivers/PSEO), will result in your application being denied.