Graduation Requirements


Required Credits

English 4
Social Studies** 3.5
Mathematics** 3
Science** 3
Physical Education** 1
Health** .5 (Embedded)


The Arts 1

Total credits required to earn a diploma


Semester Course = .5 credit


    • Social Studies: Three credits must follow the grade 9-11 sequence; .5 credits must be in either the 12th grade Global Studies/Economics G course or an
    • elective AP or IB course. Psychology G or Sociology G may be taken in addition to 3.5 but will not fulfill the graduation requirements for Social Studies.
    • Math: Students must complete a Higher Algebra credit, its equivalent or higher level, as part of the three-credit requirement. (see “Mathematics” on
    • page 58)
    • Science: One credit must be a biology credit and one credit must be earned in Chemistry or Physics.
    • P.E.: Students with a full course load all four years may be exempt from .5 credit of Physical Education (see “Physical Education” on page 71)
    • Health Education is embedded into the educational program throughout the student’s four years. Successful completion of the entire four-year health
    • program is required for graduation (see “Health” on page 46). Students do not register for Health; all students are enrolled.
Student Activities