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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

We have many committees at Scenic Heights that are made possible by our PTA and volunteers. Volunteers can be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends – any adult 18 and over. Volunteers are needed in many different capacities to make all of these wonderful events happen for our students. Please consider how your family can help enhance each student’s experience and education this year whether it is a committee chair position or a shift the day of event.

For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators at

CommitteeDescriptionCurrent Chair(s)
Art Adventure

Art appreciation program that engages students with artworks from the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s collection and presented in the classrooms by trained volunteers (light training is involved). Chairs provide information to classroom volunteers as well as make sure the necessary supplies are available for each rotation (approx. monthly).

Katie Born

Joe Van Sloun

Art Coordinator

Work with the art teacher on two art projects throughout the year: An art project as an auction item for the Parent Only Event and World Culture Week.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Back-to-School Coffee

Puts together a traditional gathering for parents on the first day of school, including coffee and a light snack (off-site at Boulder Creek Park).

Jennie Przybilla

Back-to-School Health Fair

One day of hearing/vision screening (1st & 3rd grade vision & hearing; 5th grade vision only), picture day (all grades) and bus safety (all grades).

Amy Grady

Book Fair

Organizes Fall Scholastic Book Fair and Spring Scholastic Book Fair for students and parents.

Marla Erickson

Katie Becker

Stacy Vitale

Box Tops for Education

Organizes and submits box tops as a source of funds for the school as well as picking these items up on a regular basis.

Jeanne Allen

Sara Tan


Katie Born


Music appreciation program presented in the classrooms by volunteers. Committee Chairs provide information to classroom volunteers as well as make sure the necessary supplies are available on the cart for each rotation (approx. monthly).

Sara Tan

Bulletin Board

Communicates and markets all the traditional school events and fun activities on the main hallway bulletin board during the school year calendar.

Ranae Hendrickson


Evening of fun and community for families with games, food, and basket raffles, etc. Committee Chairs are responsible for organizing all the events for the evening as well as advanced ticket sales and organizing other volunteers who help out that night in addition to working with PTA treasurer to plan for cash needs prior to and deposit of funds after the event.

Kelsey Hitchcock

Cub Scout Liaison

Represents the PTA for Cub Scout Pack #346. The PTA charters the pack at Scenic Heights.

Kate Wilinski

Cultural Arts

Facilitates the presentation of the Cultural Arts Programs to the different grades.

Margie Komp

Design for Learning

Work with the teachers, media center, front office and Principle in determining the school’s needs for enhancing the environment and style of learning within the classrooms and the general space of the building.

Laura Busche

Dream Makers

Coordinates (2) Dream Day events at Scenic Heights and represents Scenic Heights at the all-district Dream Makers annual event in February. Dream Makers support several District initiatives including: Design for Learning and Minnetonka Research.

Dream Makers website.

Jennie Przybilla

Sam Woodford

Fall Fundraiser
APEX Fun Run

Provides/assists direction to volunteers, tallies run laps for students, works w/PTA presidents and treasurer with daily counts and deposit of funds at end of event.

Laura Busche


Family Breakfasts

Organize a breakfast for 1st and 4th grade where families are invited to breakfast at school. Also need to work with PTA treasurer to plan for cash needs prior to and deposit of funds after the event.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Family School Directory

Creates/organizes the online school directory (in conjunction with District/Scenic Heights) and provides information to each family and all staff members to submit and/or update their information online. Duties include: planning, marketing and communication of the Online Directory, manages My School Anywhere (MSA) and participates in the production of the printed Scenic Heights Elementary Family Directory.

Paule Hocker

Field Day

Work with the SHE gym teachers to organize field day for the students during the last week of school.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Fifth Grade Graduation

Organizes an end of school year party for the 5th grade students (off-site at Lake Riley).

Ranae Hendrickson

Paule Hocker

Friendly Presence

Help to provide friendly help and support to children in the lunchroom and arrival and departure of students.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Full BowlsParents, students and teachers enjoy soup and bread with all money raised donated to the ICA Food Shelf.

Kate Wilinski

Girl Scout Liaison

Organize and promote new troops and membership within Scenic Heights.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Give to the Max Day

Coordinates and communicates this fundraising day to Scenic Heights Families to raise funds for a PTA / school.

Amy Grady


Imagination Fair

Organizes this event for students to display their creativity, inventiveness, and imagination.

Becky Boge

Legislative Liaison
Minnetonka CASE

Serves as the school’s representative to a larger legislative interest group in the District who keeps abreast of School Board issues and reports back to Executive Board and PTA Members. Minnetonka CASE advocates the Minnesota Legislature for school funding.

Jennifer Chou

Peace Garden

Maintain the Peace Garden (facilitate fall & spring clean-up).

Katie Born

Cathleen Chelminiak

Peachjar Communications

Assists with eFlyer uploads to Peachjar. Peachjar is the eFlyer management system used to digitally distribute eFlyers directly to parents and have them posted to school’s website automatically. Parents receive approved eFlyers in their inbox and can click to sign up for activities and events.

Scenic Heights Peachjar page.

Amy Grady


Playground Equipment and Grounds

Responsible for assessing and replacing outdoor toy needs used in open spaces of the playground and surrounding area during recess.

Wendy Gilbertson

Parent Only Event

An evening of fun for parents, teachers and staff with food, raffles, and silent auction.

Jennie Przybilla

Reading Incentives (Birthday Books)

Orders and distributes annual birthday books to students in grades K-5 as reading incentives.

Jennie Przybilla

School Supplies

Organizes a school supply drive through SchoolKidz for up to 10% back to the school that offers purchasing of school supplies needed at the beginning of the year (parent financed at cost and not a fundraiser, merely offered as a convenience for parents). Sends out school supplies to families, manages the orders in May and June, and delivers the orders the day before Open House in August.

Stacy Vitale

Spring Fling

Organizes end-of-the-year school picnic in June with food, music and fun activities as well as working with PTA treasurer to plan for cash needs prior to and deposit of funds after the event. Communicates with vendors for entertainment, activities and meal. Manages meal sales via RevTrak, organizes volunteers for event needs, set-up and clean-up.

Sara Tan

Staff Appreciation

Provides special tokens of appreciation throughout the year (i.e. Administrative Office Professionals Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.). Organizes teacher appreciation luncheons during fall and spring conferences by contacting list of volunteers to request contributions of food.

Cassie Bohmback

Beth Malmin

Talent Show

Organizes this event for Scenic Heights children (and other Scenic Heights community, including staff and parents) to share their talents. Communicates with students to gather acts, reservation of space and supplies, schedules/organizes rehearsal and event. One-third of Scenic Heights students participate each year.

Emily John
Natalie West

Tonka Cares

Represents Scenic Heights in this district-wide program that’s goal is to reduce underage use of all substances. Learn about Tonka Cares.

Currently seeking a chairperson. Please contact if interested.

Tonka Green

Organizes opportunities for our school to become more environmentally friendly. Learn more about Tonka Green.

Kate Wilinski

Tonka Pride

Represents Scenic Heights in this district-wide program that promotes pride in our schools and our community and organizes the Scenic Heights portion of Tonka Pride items available for sale.

Christine Ritchie

Marcia Stellpflug

World Culture

Organizes the World Culture event for students in the spring of the school year. Committee chair is responsible for selecting the country (-ies), associated activities and organizing volunteers to decorate and assist as needed with the event.

Paule Hocker

Molly Skjei


Puts together and publishes annual yearbook in conjunction with students and staff. Works with vendor, school admin, teachers, 5th grade parents to obtain baby pictures and a student quote for their “Remember as…” page. Takes candid picture of each class and of Scenic Heights life to be added in the yearbook.

Deanna Thompson