Scenic Heights PTA Mission & Goals

The mission of the Scenic Heights PTA is to provide volunteers and supplemental funding to the teachers and staff of Scenic Heights Elementary to enhance each student’s educational experience. Through our special events, fundraisers and enrichment programs, the PTA strives to be a partner with our school and our community.


  • Improve our level of parent involvement in all areas of our school
  • Create a greater sense of community at Scenic Heights
  • Continue to support our teachers and staff both in the classroom and the community as a whole
  • Educate parents on the importance of volunteering and being involved with the Scenic Heights community
  • Inform our families of the role of the PTA and the benefits we provide
  • Communicate regularly with our families about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities

Listed below is information about the programs the PTA supports at Scenic Heights. These are all things that come directly out of the PTA budget annually. They are not provided by the district.

  • Outdoor Learning Center Naturalist
    • Each Classroom visits the OLC three times during the year with a Three Rivers District Naturalist leading each session
  • Cultural Arts programs - field trips to plays at Children’s Theater and Stages Theater; visiting authors
  • Classroom support - PTA funds that go directly to the teachers’ classrooms
  • Media Center Support including new and refreshed books
  • Staff Appreciation  - provide meals during conferences, honor all staff members during various appreciation week events with tokens of appreciation
  • Parent Education - access to district wide events and speakers provided at PTA meetings
  • Art Adventure
    • An art appreciation program run in conjunction with the Minneapolis Institute of Art presented in the classrooms each month by parent volunteers
  • Bravo music program
    • A music appreciation program presented monthly in the classrooms by parent volunteers
  • Multiple community events such as the Talent Show, the Imagination Fair, World Culture Week and Spring Fling