Parent/Student Handbook

Welcome Minnetonka Families!

This handbook is intended to be a living document. On most pages, you will find underlined items, which provide links to more details on our website. We encourage parents and students to visit it when a question arises. Information will be updated regularly. Likewise, if you are unable to locate information, please call our District Communication Office at 952-401-5095 so that we may continually improve upon the usefulness of this resource.

In addition to important information for parents, we are including a section on Student Rights and Responsibilities. It is important for both students and parents to be aware of certain policies that set the District’s behavioral expectations and disciplinary consequences for students. All School Board policies are located on the District’s website under the Administration tab.

Communication between school staff and parents is a high priority. When families and schools work in partnership, the opportunities for students are endless. We have developed several avenues for clear and respectful communication, including open houses, back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, advisory councils, voice mail, e-mail, classroom websites, on-line access to student records and more. We are fully committed to regularly communicating and working closely with you in support of your child’s success. My sincere wishes to you and your family for a successful and satisfying educational experience this year in the Minnetonka Schools!

Dr. Dennis Peterson

Superintendent of Schools