Student Directory

Scenic Heights Student-Family Directory

For your convenience, the Scenic Heights PTA has signed up with MySchoolAnywhere, a secure and searchable electronic directory that can be accessed from your home computer or mobile device. With access, you can search for family and student information and update your own family data if anything changes.

We also highly suggest downloading the MySchoolAnywhere App to your mobile device after you have set up your account. You will not believe how easy it is to use, and it puts the directory right at your fingertips!

If you have questions about MySchoolAnywhere or how to use the directory, please view the how to video. (Note: we are not using the sign-up option at this time.)

You can also check out the MySchoolAnywhere Parent Guide for helpful articles and to request email support from the MySchoolAnywhere customer service team.

Register for the directory MySchoolAnywhere Directory

If you have questions or feedback about the information contained in the directory, please contact the directory committee at

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