About Our School

Scenic Heights Elementary: A Four-Star School

We are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota on the banks of the Purgatory Creek Preserve. This beautiful setting allows students and staff to enjoy environmental learning, physical education classes, and recreation near woods, ponds, and trails. We are the home of the famous Scenic Heights sledding hill, a joyful spot for winter recess.

We are known for our student-centered curriculum and excellent achievement in reading and math. One of our school goals is creating competent and creative student writers. This is the home of the Navigator, a student publication celebrating writing. Scenic Heights also offers "hands-on" science, health and social studies instruction. Students thrive in weekly classes of art, music, media, and physical education. Student musicians begin instrumental experiences in 4th grade (orchestra) and 5th grade (band). We also provide exceptional education programs, including special education and gifted and talented services.

Students at Scenic Heights benefit from state-of-the-art instructional technology. Each classroom has access to computers and closed-circuit television. Our intermediate classroom teachers use new interactive white boards for daily instruction. Each morning, our 5th graders broadcast our school news to each classroom from our production studio, KRTS. Our Media Specialists provide an excellent background for students in information literacy.

Our staff is committed to meeting the social and emotional needs of children. We have a comprehensive program for character education (Kids Count), peer mediation, and service learning. Children are taught the value of solving problems and conflicts responsibly. Our teachers work very hard at building strong, caring classroom communities. We are a designated International Peace Site and celebrate this annually in our own Peace Garden.

We value parent involvement. Parents are key participants in goal setting for each student. We have an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which provides many opportunities for volunteers, family events, and school support. We believe we are partners in providing the best education possible for our children.

The Scenic Heights community is an extraordinary place: One that warmly welcomes and embraces each person. We invite you to visit us!

kids in class