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Our Communities: Minnetonka and Woodland

As part of the Minnetonka School District, Groveland Elementary serves Minnetonka and Woodland. These well-established, residential communities provide a range of single-family housing options and a home-town feel that is unique in the Twin Cities area.

Nestled near the shores of Lake Minnetonka, our communities have a relaxed and personalized atmosphere. Families who chose to live in our community place a high value on family, education, and community. Parents are very involved in their children's lives, making getting to know other families easy.

  • Quality of Life and Commitment to Families and Youth
  • High-quality schools attract families to the area.
  • Small definable neighborhoods, public celebrations, shared activities, the arts and community involvement increase residents’ sense of belonging.
  • People stay in the area, providing consistency and familiarity that help children thrive.
  • Convenient shopping areas, sporting events and cultural opportunities in the Twin Cities metro area.


  • Population: 49,734
  • Area: 27.1 square miles.
  • History: “Minnetonka” is a Dakota word meaning “big waters.” First settled by Dakota and Ojibway Indians, the area now known as Minnetonka became well-known for its saw and flour mills in the 1800s. Minnetonka became a village in 1956 and finally a city in 1968.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Five community parks, 44 neighborhood parks, more than 40 miles of trails and more than 1,000 acres of public open space, including wetlands and prairies. There are several beaches, playgrounds and two indoor ice facilities.
  • Community Centers: Minnetonka Community Center, Civic Center.
  • Community Events: Summer Festival and Burwell House Ice Cream Social, Burwell Art Fair, Music in the Park.
  • Attractions: Lake Minnetonka access via Grays Bay, Burwell House and Minnetonka Historical Society, Ridgedale Mall.
  • School Districts: The city of Minnetonka is divided among the Minnetonka School District #276, Hopkins School District #270 and Wayzata School District #284. Families seeking a home in the Minnetonka School District are advised to verify the address of a residence and designated school district through the county or state before signing a binding agreement.


  • Population: 437
  • Area: 0.57 square mile
  • History: Woodland was settled in 1882
  • Attractions: This lakeside community is an intimate residential community on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka
  • School District: Served entirely by the Minnetonka School District #276