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Each year, Minnetonka Public Schools surveys current parents about their family’s educational experience in our schools.

The 2023 Parent Survey was administered from mid-May to mid-June of 2023 and captured more than 2,500 completed responses. All parents were invited to participate in the online survey, and multiple reminders were sent to increase participation. Although this is not a random sample survey, the District is confident in the results. Demographic questions indicated that respondents were consistent with the distribution of our student population. 

Results of the survey were again outstanding, showing high confidence in our programs, schools, teachers and leadership.   

  • 96% of respondents rate the education provided by the Minnetonka School District as excellent or good, consistent with last year, with 65% rating it excellent, a 1% increase over last year.  
  • 96% of parents believe our community receives a good value from its investment in our local public schools, up 1% over last year. 
  • 96% of elementary school parents, 93% of middle school parents and 90% of high school parents would recommend their school to friends or neighbors. These percentages are all up 1% over last year.   
  • 94% of elementary parents, 95% of middle school parents and 87% of high school parents say they believe their school principal is accessible to them when they have questions or concerns.    
  • 97% of elementary parents, 93% of middle school parents and 91% of high school parents say they believe their child’s school provides a safe learning environment.

The District also asked parents about student well-being and belonging.   

  • 95% of elementary parents, 90% of middle school parents and 84% of high school parents said their student’s school provides an environment that supports their student’s sense of well-being. This is up 2% for elementary, stayed the same for middle school and dropped 1% for high school over last year.    
  • 93% of elementary parents, 88% of middle school parents and 83% of high school parents said their student’s school provides an environment that supports their student’s sense of belonging. The percentage stayed the same at elementary and increased by 1% for both middle and high school over last year. 

Overall, the survey results were very positive. Parents expressed satisfaction with district leadership, teachers and staff, academic rigor, student opportunities, communication and safety, to name a few top areas.  Some parents also expressed their advice and suggestions to the district regarding a variety of topics, including but not limited to: lunch options, student discipline, academic program suggestions, homework and parking lot/pick-up, to name a few top areas.   

Each school principal and cabinet member will be provided with school-specific or program-specific results, to share highlights with their staff and to help them to address concern areas they see. The Board and Superintendent have received the full survey results, including parent comments, to give our leaders a broad perspective on parent sentiments and to help them in the future for goal-setting. 

View the presentation of the survey results here.

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