We have many committees at Excelsior that are made possible by our PTO and volunteers. Volunteers can be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends – any adult 18 and over. Volunteers are needed in many different capacities to make all of these wonderful events happen for our students. Please consider how your family can help enhance each student’s experience and education this year whether it is a committee chair position or a shift the day of event.

For more information about any event, please reach out to the current chair, the assigned Event Chair Coordinator or

Current Committees



Current Chair

PTO Board Contact

Back to School Open House Coordinate new family welcome at beginning of School Year EXC PTO Board
Black History Month  

Krista Barnes


Books for Bikes

Work with teachers on distributing/collecting reading calendars. Secure bike gift certificates and facilitate bike drawing for winners.

Jenny Kelley

Kate Haar

Book Fair-Scholastic

Organize the spring Scholastic Book Fair for students and parents.

Becky Cornelius

Amanda Durrant

Becky Cornelius

Book Fair-Chinese

Organize the spring Chinese Book Fair for students and parents.

Jen Chu

Leah Garner

Becky Cornelius

Bulletin Boards

Communicate and market all traditional school events and fun activities on the main hallway bulletin board during the school year.

Jodi Graves

Jolie Hockert

Communications Director

Chinese New Year

Coordinate a week long event at the school celebrating Chinese New Year. Work with committee members to plan decorations, crafts, cultural learning activities, and entertainment for the whole school.

Louise Ou-Yang

Sophia Miller

Chinese Connection Lead


Create/organize the online school directory (in conjunction with the District and Excelsior) and provide information to family and staff members to submit and/or update their information online. Duties include: planning, marketing and communication of the Online Directory, managing My School Anywhere (MSA)

Ting-Hsien Wang (shadow chair)


District Speaker Series

Represent Excelsior at district wide speaker series committee and help advertise for district series events

Marnie Johnson


Dream Makers representative

Represent Excelsior at the all-district Dream Makers annual event in February. Dream Makers support several District initiatives including: Design for Learning and Minnetonka Research. Dream Makers website

Kirstyn Sansom

Shonna Travis

Family Movie Night

Coordinate Family movie night for students and parents in November.

Amber Krygiel

Kristen VonSmith

Special Education Connection Lead

Fifth Grade Recognition

Organize an end-of-school program and party for the 5th grade students (off-site at the Commons).

Beth Robertson-Martin

Beth Robertson-Martin


Coordinate planting and watering of outside pots at school

Beth Robertson-Martin
Beth Robertson-Martin
Giving Tree   Joni Schimke
Community Outreach Director

Health Screening

One day of hearing/vision screening (1st & 3rd grade vision & hearing; 5th grade vision only)

Andrea Vencl

Jenna Schultz

Holiday Secret Shop

Coordinate week-long holiday sale for students to purchase gifts the week following Thanksgiving.Offer sale to parents at end of event.

Kate Smalkoski

Ila Wheeler

Shadow Chair TBD

Shadow Chair TBD

Jenna Schultz


Organize teacher appreciation lunch, dinner and snacks during fall and spring conferences by contacting our list of volunteers to request contributions of food and working out outside vendors

Kristin Smith

Jenna Schultz

Hour of Code

Coordinate Hour of Code event held in December

Sian Pledger

Shonna Travis

Imagination Fair

Organize this event for students to display their creativity, inventiveness and imagination

Amy O'Neill

Shadow Chair TBD

Kate Haar

Legislative Liaison (CASE)

Serve as the school’s representative to a larger legislative interest group in the District who keeps abreast of School Board issues and reports back to Executive Board and PTO members. Minnetonka CASE (Community Action for Student Education) advocates at the Minnesota Legislature for school funding.

Jenna Schultz

Jenna Schultz

Literary Magazine (Blue Jay Publishing)

Coordinate program to publish books for third-fifth graders throughout the year

Kim Breitling

Stephany Vassar

Stephany Vassar
Lost & Found   Katie McCartney
Katie McCartney

Lunch Line

Coordinate volunteers to assist students during lunch for first two weeks of school

Sara Addler

Katie McCartney

Media Center & Author Visit

Coordinate volunteers to work with the Media Specialist to maintain and shelve books.

Jenna Schultz (shadow chair)

Jenna Schultz


Coordinate newspaper publishing throughout the year

Amy O’Neill

Shadow Chair TBD

Kate Haar

Pre-order School Supplies

Coordinate offer of purchasing of school supplies needed at the beginning of the year (parent financed at cost and not a fundraiser, merely offered as a convenience for parents). Send out school supplies to families, manage the orders (in May and June) and deliver orders the day before the August Open House.

Angel Kallies

Kirstyn Samson-Held


Kate Haar


Coordinate fall fundraiser for PTO operating budget

PTO Fundraising Director

PTO Fundraising Director

School Pictures/Retakes

Coordinate with advertising and securing volunteers to help with school pictures

PTO Board

Jenna Schultz

Staff Appreciation

Provide special tokens of appreciation throughout the year (i.e. Administrative Office Professionals Appreciation Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc.).

Becky Gorton

Shonna Travis


Participate in Tonka Cares efforts by attending Tonka Cares District meetings, keep the PTO informed of any initiatives and represent Excelsior as school rep for Eat. Talk. Connect! Learn more about Tonka Cares.

Christine Jeevanathan


TONKA Pride: Spirit

Represent Excelsior in this Districtwide program that promotes pride in our schools and our community.

Amy Omann

Shonna Travis

TONKA Pride: Apparel

Represent Excelsior in this Districtwide program serving as support for district Tonka Pride sales and coordinating pop up sales at Excelsior.

Susie Wuollett

Kirstyn Samson-Held


Shonna Travis

World Autism Awareness Day   PTO Special Education Connection Lead Special Education Connection Lead

World Culture Week

Organize the World Culture event for students in the spring of the school year. Committee chair is responsible for associated activities and organizing volunteers to decorate and assist as needed with the event.

Jenna Anthony

Jenna Schultz

XY Club

Coordinate activities for male role models of students. Coordinate schedule of volunteers for guys to volunteer at school.

Billy Hartong (shadow chair)

Chris Smith

Chris Hacker (shadow chair)

Shonna Travis


Put together and publish the annual yearbook in conjunction with students and staff. Work with vendor, school admin, teachers and parent volunteers.

Kirsten Studer

Jolie Hockert

Lori Dozier



Community Building/Room Parent Coordinator

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