Minnetonka Hosts First Operations and Student Support Job Fair

Minnetonka Hosts First Operations and Student Support Job Fair

On July 20, Minnetonka Public Schools held its first Operations and Student Support Job Fair. The fair gathered hiring managers from departments across the district into one place for community members to easily learn about and apply for available positions.

“The idea for the fair came from collaboration in our department and our priorities to recruit staff in a competitive market. We wanted to be accessible and make it easy for people to learn more about our positions and opportunities," shared Anjie Flowers, Executive Director of Human Resources

Hiring areas included Aquatics, Athletics/Activities Event Workers, Community Education, Custodial/Maintenance, Special Education Paras, Nutrition Services, Reserve Teachers and Para Substitutes. “I personally loved seeing the enthusiasm of the hiring supervisors.  Everyone really pulled together to make this first job fair run smoothly," said Robyn Klinker, Associate Director of Human Resources. "I was impressed with the candidates who attended.  They seemed genuinely interested in working for the district and had a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences."

All areas featured at the job fair are still hiring.  Applicants can quickly find our job openings by visiting https://www.minnetonkaschools.org/district/departments/hr.  Email inquiries can be sent to hrstaff@minnetonkaschools.org.   

Staff Spotlights

Before the job fair, current operations and student support employees shared about their positions and why working for Minnetonka Schools has been a great fit for their lives and career plans.

Staff photo and quote: "My role gives me an opportunity to utilize my leadership skills and help guide the program."

Scenic Heights Elementary Alumna Makes a Difference as After-School Care Site Supervisor
Holly Martinson has been a lifelong Skipper – after attending Scenic Heights Elementary, Minnetonka Middle School East and Minnetonka High School, she started working with the Explorers program, first as a high school assistant, and then, upon graduation, as a program assistant before moving into program leader and assistant site supervisor roles. She is now the Site Supervisor of the Explorers programs at Scenic Heights and Clear Springs Elementary schools.

“I started out babysitting at a young age and thought it would be a great first job. Eleven years later, I am still working with kids because they keep you on your toes and there is never a dull moment,” shared Martinson. “My favorite part of the job is the candidness. The kids can be hilarious, intuitive, and creative. You never know what will come out of their mouth next. I also really love making connections with the kids and families. I currently work with some staff that I had while they were kids in the program.”

The role fits well in Martinson’s life because it gives her an opportunity to utilize her leadership skills and help guide the program in the right direction. “I had some amazing learning opportunities along the way to gain perspective about how the program is run and should be run,” she shared.

Martinson encourages others to work in Minnetonka schools to build a sense of community. “The district is full of resources and strives to constantly be its best,” said Martinson. “Minnetonka Public Schools has unlimited opportunities for the students and staff.”

Staff photo and quote: "I have the space to work at my own pace and use my own ideas."

Custodian’s Job Prioritizes Autonomy and Time for Family
Anthony Holloway has been a custodian with Minnetonka Schools for five years. After beginning his career in the health and fitness industry, he started looking for a new opportunity that was rewarding and would give him more time to spend with his family. “This role has been a blessing,” shared Holloway. “I can attend more of my kids’ sports activities and family events.”

Holloway appreciates the autonomy of the custodial role and the level of communication between school staff members “As a custodian, I have that space to work at my own pace and use my ideas,” he shared.



Staff photo and quote: "If you are looking for flexibility in a highly rewarding environment, I would encourage you to apply.

Local Pilot Gives Back as Substitute Paraprofessional
For substitute paraprofessional Dan Witowski, working with Minnetonka Schools has been the perfect way to give back to the community during his free time. He is a full time airline pilot, and so working as a substitute para during his off days provides him with an opportunity to connect with kids and make a difference in the district where his own children go to school. Witowski currently subs in elementary and middle school buildings, but he is looking forward to using his professional background as a pilot to assist with MOMENTUM courses as needed when high school aviation courses launch next year.

“If you are looking for flexibility in a highly rewarding environment, I would encourage you to apply,” said Witowski. 


Staff Photo and quote: "The students felt confident and comfortable...and I think that is awesome."

Theatre Alumna Uses Passion for Art to Support Student Learning in a Culinary Course
This spring, Minnetonka Schools alumna Emily Crawford used her background in theatre and art to make a difference as a long-term substitute in a high school culinary class. 

As a reserve teacher in the district, she subbed in several different schools and grade levels before joining the cooking class in a more permanent capacity. The project-based nature of the course fit well with her educational experiences. “I felt very comfortable being in a class where you make something with your hands,” said Crawford. “In cooking, you end up with a final product where you can see all the hard work you put into it – much like painting a set or creating props.” 

Her favorite part of working with students was cooking with them and seeing their self-esteem grow as a result of her lessons. “I thought it was great when they said that they changed or tweaked something in the recipe, or were using leftover ingredients to cook things,” she shared. “They felt confident and comfortable enough to make those adjustments, and I think that is awesome.” 

Crawford is continuing her work with the district this summer as part of the Minnetonka Community Education Explorers program.

Staff photo and quote: "Working in the schools allows you to impact the world in small ways every day."

Military Veteran Offers Leadership as Middle School Assistant Track & Field Coach
As a middle school track and field coach at MMW, Scott Hawks has been able to make a difference for kids while reengaging with a sport he has always been passionate about. 

“Being a coach has been unbelievably rewarding,” said Hawks. “I love being outside with kids as they discover the sport. I love the opportunity to help them grow and achieve new personal bests, all while building a cohesive team environment.” 

A parent of students in the district, Hawks was initially inspired to apply as a coach when he learned that his presence would make space for the program to include more kids. “I wanted to make sure that my twins and all kids that wanted to could participate in this awesome sport,” said Scott.

After two years of coaching, Hawks will be expanding his connection with the district as a reserve teacher for the 2023-24 school year. He is nearing retirement from his 30+ year career of military service, and working with Minnetonka Schools will give him opportunities to share his leadership and guidance with students.

“Working in the schools allows you to impact the world in small ways everyday,” said Hawks.  “Those small degrees of change improve future lives you will never see.”