Celebrating School Psychologists 2023

Celebrating School Psychologists 2023

November 6-10, 2023 is National School Psychology Week. Minnetonka Schools celebrates the psychologists who serve our community every day with dedication and compassion. This week is a time to recognize the important work school psychologists do to support students and families in our district. 

Mika Wallace is a school psychologist at Minnetonka High School. “I work with students in our special education programs through doing evaluations and mental health support," said Wallace. "This is my first year in the Minnetonka Public School District and I am loving it!"

School psychologists play an integral role in helping students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally and emotionally by working to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments. They play a critical role in supporting student wellbeing and creating learning environments where every student can pursue their highest levels of academic and personal achievement.

“I would say that my favorite part of the job is meeting with students every day and building relationships with them. It is amazing to see students' growth over time and get to celebrate their accomplishments," continued Wallace. "Another one of my favorite parts of the job is working with the other school psychologists and staff. I learn so much from them every day and it is a great community.”

Wallace noted that National School Psychology Awareness week is important because community members may not be aware of the role that school psychologists play in supporting students. "It is important for people to know about our role so that they are aware of our services in schools. This awareness will also help encourage more people to pursue this career,” she said.

We celebrate the expertise and amazing support that school psychologists bring to Minnetonka Schools. Thank you, school psychologists!

To learn more about Minnetonka Schools' resources to support student well-being, visit the Well-Being Guide at minnetonkaschools.org/wellbeing