Recreation and Leisure

Activities for Community Based students are planned by the student driven Rec/Leisure Committee. The activities are selected to represent independent adult situations. Typically there are two activities each week giving students an option based on their personal preferences. Students sign up for the activity they wish to explore. The activities are planned in advanced to enable more participation. Staff support provides different options if the group should want to split up and explore other opportunities within the chosen destination in the community. Expense of the activity depends on the choice but is kept to a minimum. Free outings are explored frequently as well.

Activities for Center Based students may include bowling, fitness, holiday parties, or large group outings to the Science Museum, Metrodome or Mall of America, to name a few. Generally planned by staff, student input is encouraged as the school year progresses. Staff support is available for students when out in the community to ensure a successful outing.


Kristin Laughlin