Post Secondary

Transition Plus students may attend Hennepin Technical College Pathways Program, Minneapolis Community and Technical College or Normandale Community College. Students and their case manager discuss options available based on the criteria of each college. Students need to find their own transportation as they transition into the college community. Homework support classes may be available for students, as well as independent study times. Transition Plus has a contractual agreement with Hennepin Technical College, for students interested in pathways career exploration. Students interested in other levels of study need to know that HTC does not support PSEO options but students may take classes independently with their own finances. The student's IEP team should discuss all available and appropriate options with the T+ College Liaison, Deni Hooker, before registering for classes. Needs, goals and objectives in the area of post-secondary must be part of the student's IEP and relate directly to an independent employment goal.

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) is defined as follows:

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) allows high school juniors and seniors to take courses, full or part-time, at a post-secondary institution for high school credit. Connect to the Minnesota Department of Education by clicking the link in the resources box.

This option is NOT open to every student at T+ and may not be the right option for all students who are eligible for PSEO. The student's IEP team must coordinate with the T+ College Liaison to determine eligibility based on each educational institution's requirements and the appropriate course path for the student's individual needs. It is also important to note that students should enroll in the Post-Secondary Prep class at T+ before they attend a Post-Secondary program. Building a relationship with the college liaison at T+ is key to the success of students on campus.


Kristin Laughlin