Section 504 Evaluation Procedures

Step 1

Parents, teachers, students, school staff, and/or community agencies may make a referral for 504 evaluation. Building 504 staff give parents Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Section 504 Student Referral.

Step 2

After the referral is received and reviewed, the 504 Team notifies parent/guardian which of the following actions will be taken by the school:

  • Continue with current programming
  • Implement recommended interventions
  • Conduct a 504 evaluation
  • Refer for Special Education assessment
  • Request additional information or evidence

Step 3

If a 504 evaluation will be proposed, school will provide the Consent for Evaluation form. The evaluation cannot proceed without signed consent.

Step 4 

After receiving signed consent, school staff complete Evaluation Summary and Eligibility Determination in a timely manner*. Eligibility Determination may be one of the following:

  • The student does not have a disability, as defined under Section 504
  • The student is eligible for protection under Section 504, but does not currently require program changes (a 504 Plan)
  • The student is eligible for protections under Section 504 AND needs program changes (a 504 Plan) to ensure non-discrimination

Step 5 

Parent(s) or guardian(s) are provided with the Evaluation Summary and Eligibility Determination and 504 Plan, where applicable. Note: Although no team meeting is required, parent/guardian may request a meeting.

Additional Forms

Authorization for Release of Information

Questions, or Concerns

If disagreements occur regarding Section 504 evaluation, eligibility, or services, please contact your child’s building 504 Coordinator (with a link to the contact info on the website). Refer to your procedural safeguards and Grievance protocols for more information.

*Please Note: Section 504 regulations do not provide timeframes for completing student evaluations. OCR uses state guidelines to determine if evaluations have been done in a timely manner, which is typically 30 to 45 days after referral.


Michelle Ferris
Executive Director of Student Support Services
District Section 504 Administrator

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