Back-to-school information for insurance renewal:  Insurance must be renewed for each school year and is available for purchase for all iPads that are part of the District’s 1:1 iPad program. (The insurance program applies to iPads that may be brought home by students). Insurance is an elective cost; it is not required.

  • Grades 1-3, $30/year (reduced due to intermittent home use)
  • Grades 4-12+ $40/year
  • Please click here to find payment directions on the Bursar's Office webpage. When in Skyward, be sure to look under “Optional Fees” in Skyward Fee Management to find it.
  • For assistance with the payment process, email the Bursar's Office:

Normally, students who purchase insurance after receiving an iPad must have the iPad visually inspected by Media Center staff in order to verify the device is not damaged at the time of insurance purchase. Parents of new students arriving after the school year has begun should let the Media Center staff know if they want to purchase the insurance upon enrollment. If the iPad has already been issued then a visual inspection of the iPad by the Media Center staff will be needed to purchase the insurance. After a successful inspection, the Media Center staff will assess the $40 fee to the student’s account in Skyward Fee Management; and the fee will be available for online payment.

Insurance will cover the iPad from the date of purchase after inspection through the remainder of the school year and following summer. The annual cost for iPad insurance is $40 per iPad per year for grades 4-12+ and $30 per year for grades 1-3. 

Potential costs to families for damage and/or loss:

  • Damaged or broken screen without insurance, $115 to $275 depending on the model
  • Replacement cost for the provided iPad case, $35
  • Replacement cost for the provided iPad wall charger and cord, $20-$40 depending on the model
  • Replacement cost for the entire iPad, $325

The insurance program offers complete coverage for the first instance of accidental damage. Additional instances of accidental damage will incur a $40 deductible. All iPad parts are covered, including the iPad battery, internal and external components, glass, LCD screen, external buttons, microphone jack, etc. This includes parts and labor.

Not Covered

Intentional damage is not covered. Intentional damage is that which is either observed to willfully have occurred or that which is determined by the type of damage to have been willful in nature.

  • iPad damage incurred while out of a protective case.
  • Damage to the iPad due to liquids is not covered.
  • Loss and theft of the device is not covered.
  • The iPad charger is not covered.
  • The iPad case is not covered.
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