Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan

The data on the Minnetonka Schools COVID dashboard will be updated on an ongoing basis during the pandemic. However, the data is only as good as is reported to the District by families and staff. We ask that parents contact their child’s school health office to let the District know when their child has tested positive for COVID or is quarantining. The District has advised staff to report when they test positive or are quarantining, as well.  This information assists the District in making good, data-based decisions.

COVID-19 Dashboard for 4-21-21

*"Total Number of Students" refers to the total number of students enrolled in Minnetonka Public Schools

2020-21 School Year

Minnetonka Public Schools' COVID-19 response plan focuses, first and foremost, on providing a safe environment for all the students and staff. 

The District has used Governor Walz’s recent decision to fully open elementary schools in our state to move Minnetonka elementary students into that model on February 1 and to open our High School to high school students January 28. The Governor is allowing in-person learning with a modified requirement for social distancing and without the limitations of using 50% or less of classroom capacities for elementary-age students. However, those alterations in requirements are replaced with more detailed expectations to keep teachers safe. This change is the level of flexibility that Minnetonka has needed all along in order to get all of our students in school this year.

Students in all grades will be provided e-learning-only opportunities as long as they or their parents choose the option this year.

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General Health & Safety Guidelines* for In-Person Learning

The District considers the health and safety of students and staff to be a top priority. Below are the current guidelines that we will be instituting to provide a safe environment for all.

*Please note these guidelines will continue to be updated as we learn more from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  Guidelines will be based on the recommendations of MDH, which can and do change.  We will adjust accordingly.

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COVID-19 Response Plan