Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Plan

About the Response Plan

This plan for addressing any Coronavirus incident is intended to serve the best interests of students, employees and families. 

2020-21 School Year

Updated August 19, 2020

On August 6, 2020, the Minnetonka School Board was presented with seven scenarios for the start of the 2020-21 school year and voted unanimously to approve a hybrid learning option. The plan focuses, first and foremost, on providing a safe environment for all the students and staff who will be in our buildings. Families who are not comfortable with in-person learning will be able to choose an e-learning option. The goal is to make sure that every family is able to make the most appropriate choice for them.

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General Health & Safety Guidelines* for In-Person Learning

The District considers the health and safety of students and staff to be a top priority. Below are the current guidelines that we will be instituting to provide a safe environment for all.

*Please note these guidelines will continue to be updated as we learn more from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  Guidelines will be based on the recommendations of MDH, which can and do change.  We will adjust accordingly.

District Services


The District has seen several scenario-based questions circulating. To provide some clarity for families and staff, here are current answers regarding such scenarios. Please note, this information may be subject to change as the CDC and MDH update their guidelines and recommendations for schools.