Parent Marijuana Resources

Marijuana has been making the headlines lately, specifically for the efforts and legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana. Tonka CARES has compiled information from various sources to inform and spark conversation within the community. This information addresses current trends and specifically how they relate to youth. View our powerpoint presentation that addresses:

  • Data on Youth Marijuana Use & Perception of Harm
  • Consequences of Youth Marijuana Use
  • Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Communities

As the nation begins to legalize marijuana, both medically and recreationally, there is new data coming in from those states. The following are the first reports coming out of Colorado.

Did you know that "medical marijuana" is now legal under certain circumstances in our state? Learn more by visiting Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program site. Shifting marijuana laws have documented effects on youth perceptions about the social acceptance of this drug, which is why it's important to continue to talk about the risks of use as policies change.

Marijuana Resources for Parents

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