Tonka CARES is a diverse community collaborative that provides a platform for healthy youth development in our community. We seek to promote mental health, substance use prevention, early intervention, and recovery among Minnetonka youth. We welcome ALL individuals, and truly hope to break down barriers which impede those with mental health and substance use disorders from seeking help/support, and to fight stigma against those who are afflicted by these diseases. Tonka CARES serves as a hub for resources in our community. We stand to build relationships, connect individuals, and provide support and resources where and whenever possible. Let this be your platform to change the conversation and the outcome in our community.

From the Coordinator

Being the Coordinator for Tonka CARES is a pretty cool job.  I get to look at the community as a whole and offer a bird’s eye view of how promotion and prevention of substance abuse/mental health disorders can positively impact the Minnetonka community.  Tonka CARES comes complete with a strong history of collaborating with local, state and national partners.  This community coalition also provides relevant information to increase parental knowledge on the topics that impact overall youth wellness.  Everyone who sits at the Tonka CARES table has a unique skill set to offer and it matters.  We contribute because our youth are worth the time and effort.  We will always welcome new talent but passion is required!

Tonka CARES Getting Ahead of the Problem

Tonka CARES partnered with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to bring parents a video on youth substance use and what it looks like in our Minnetonka community using 2019 Minnesota Student Survey data.  Several school and district staff have been included to speak about how students are supported in our school community.  Cindy Doth, School and Community Outreach Manager, presents our data and helpful tips for parents. 
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Project Coordinator
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