Volunteer Opportunities

The Club welcomes interested parents to inquire about any of our Board or Committee positions, or for volunteer positions at the Booster Store. Each position could take on someone to ‘shadow’ or co‐lead any time of the year. In addition, the Club is always looking for committee volunteers to help with special projects or events, or to bring fresh ideas to our meetings. It is a great way to meet other parents and learn about what is happening at the school! Please don’t hesitate to ask for more details on how you might be able to get involved.
Email mhsboostercoordinator@gmail.com for more information.

Skippers Booster Club Board Member Positions

The Skippers Booster Club President presides over monthly meetings by setting the agenda, maintains a functional relationship between the Club and the MHS Activities Office, works with the Communications Chair to present the message about the Skippers Booster Club to all parents, staff and members of the Club, organizes spring funding request information, represents the Club at MHS informational meetings as required, and is the registered signature for the Skippers Booster Club, Inc. checking account.

Vice President:
The Skippers Booster Club vice president presides over meetings in the absence of the president, performs other duties and assignments as delegated by the president, reconciles the Trust Account from our District throughout the fiscal year and advises the co-curricular clubs to use these granted funds prior to May 31.
Maintains fiscal records for the Club. This person deposits funds, pays all expenses, maintains records of income and expenses, balances bank accounts and works with a CPA on tax filings. You do not need to be an accountant. The time involved varies from 5‐10 hours per month.
The Secretary handles correspondence concerning the meetings and sends communication reminders of dates and locations. The Secretary also takes notes at the meetings and submits duration of the meetings to be recorded.
Membership Chair:
Primary duty is to solicit membership donations and maintain member information (Excel spreadsheet) for communication purposes. In conjunction with the Communications Chair, the Membership Chair creates the membership flyer, which is provided to the school in July to be included in the back-to-school packet. Other items: send electronic thank you notes, work with the web store to provide online membership donation ability, market and drive membership.
Communications Chair:
The Communications Chair is responsible for all Skippers Booster Club marketing and communication. This includes writing content for Friday’s Splash e-newsletter, weekly Facebook posts, email communication to members and volunteers, web site and other social media content. In addition, the Communications Chair helps create marketing communication materials for special events, fundraisers, and membership promotion. Commitment is about 2‐5 hours per month.
Fundraising Chair:
The Fundraising Chair manages all aspects of fundraising events. This person works with third-party businesses and suppliers, arranges student help, and manages the tracking, placing, and fulfillment of orders of all fundraising events outside of the Booster Store and Senior Party committees. He or she works closely with our District on important community partner support events. The Fundraising Chair/committee also brings to the Board fundraising opportunities and ideas and will work closely with the President and Communications Chair to create unified messaging and promotional materials.
Senior Party Chair(s):
Oversee the Senior Party planning, work with the various committees, meet with the Skippers Booster Club Board monthly to provide updates on progress, and also meet with MHS Principal and staff to create the communication plan.)
Booster Store Manager:
The Manager is the main contact person for questions and is responsible to keep track of administrative details. The Manager holds monthly meetings for the store team, attends monthly Booster Club meetings, writes weekly email store updates for Team Leaders, maintains store computer system, cleaning and clerical supplies. The Manager also conducts training for new volunteers in the Fall and updates the store manual as needed, manages the Facebook page and helps with inventory in July/August.
Store Treasurer:
Maintains Booster Store daily sales records, deposits and credits, is responsible for lollipop purchases and attends monthly Booster Store meetings. Time commitment varies from 5‐15 hours per week.
Booster Store Buyers:
Buyers are responsible for selecting clothing and accessories for the Booster Store. They work with three vendors and meet six times per year, twice in the Fall for Christmas, Spring and specialized orders, and then a couple of times in the Spring for the following Fall order which arrives in July and is stocked and ready for sales in early August. When merchandise arrives, the buyers check delivery, enter information in the POS system, tag, fold, display and store items as needed. The Buyers also provide store and stock room organization as needed. Buyers manage invoices and damaged merchandise credits. Meet with Store Manager and other Store Team members on a monthly basis to discuss store progress.
Special Events Coordinator:
The Booster Store Special Events Coordinator is responsible for setting the Special Events Calendar for the year with input from the Booster Store Board. The Coordinator is also responsible for scheduling leads for special event shifts outside regular store hours. Special Events consist of, but are not limited to, the following: Back to School Day (staff, students, new families), Curriculum Night, Homecoming, Fall & Spring Conferences, 8th Grade Orientation and Holiday/Spring sales. Attends monthly Booster Store and Club meetings.
Webstore Manager:
Manage page content to promote Booster Club memberships, Booster Store merchandise, any online fundraisers, Senior Class Party fundraisers and online registration. Management includes creating new pages, updating existing pages, uploading photos, and some minor HTML coding. Serve as the email point of contact for booster inquiries, as well as a liaison between the Booster Club and our current web provider (RevTrak.)

Volunteer Coordinator:
The Volunteer Coordinator for the Skippers Booster Store & Club keeps the master list/calendar (including contact info, emails/phone numbers) for the Booster Store teams. The Coordinator sends out all informational emails to volunteers as well as requests to fill Special Event shifts. The Coordinator also sends out weekly team reminders to all team leaders. The Volunteer Coordinator serves as the main contact by email for all inquiries regarding volunteering for the Booster Store and Club. Average workload is 1-2 hours of online (computer) work per week throughout the school year, and 8-12 hours per week from June through the end of August for organizing the teams ahead of the new school year, and communicating information about training dates/info.
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