Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Skippers Booster Club?

The Skippers Booster Club is a non-profit organization that was started in 1973.

We are the longest running Booster Club in our District’s history. A group of community members saw the need to provide additional support to students in both athletic and enrichment activities at Minnetonka High School. They believed that active and proactive students usually earn better grades and feel more confident and connected to their school. The support we continue to provide benefits not only high school aged students, but also every Minnetonka student who utilizes the high school's facilities and equipment. Each spring we receive funding requests from various student organizations at Minnetonka High School, including those that have their own booster clubs. Funds are raised from Booster Memberships Donations, Booster Store purchases and additional fundraising events. Each year we grant funding to over 30 different clubs and activities. This meeting is held in June, and all club members have the right to vote at that meeting. Without our financial support, some of the clubs at MHS would not be able to exist.

Who does the Skippers Booster Club raise money for?

We raise funds for all co-curricular clubs and activities that are supported by the Minnetonka High School Activities Department. We encourage all the coaches and advisers to complete a Funding Request form in early May. At our funds distribution meeting in June, these requests are proposed to the board and club members. After careful consideration and a vote among board and club members, the funds are granted to the individual clubs that requested them. The more funds we raise throughout the year, the more requests we can fulfill!

To see which clubs received financial distributions this year check out the Financial Distributions tab on our website.

Can I purchase a Membership Donation online?

Yes. Online membership is easy. You can do everything electronically by clicking here or just link to us through the Minnetonka Schools homepage. Click on Activities and then Booster Groups. There you will find our listing which takes you to our Club home page where you can purchase a Membership Donation through RevTrak with a credit card or print a form and mail it to us.

What is the minimum donation?

Individual and Family Membership levels start at $25. Your membership donation provides financial support to all sanctioned clubs and activities seeking funds. Your membership donation also allows you to vote on issues and attend monthly meetings if you so choose.

Is the membership donation tax deductible? ​

Yes. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Do I have to volunteer if I become a member?

No. When you sign up as a member donor you are only committing to a financial donation that helps support all co-curricular activities at Minnetonka High School.

However, you are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings and get involved.

I already support a booster club (football, tennis, track, theatre, marching band, etc). Why should I also give money to the Skippers Booster Club?

The Skippers Booster Club funds ALL co-curricular activities, even those that have their own booster clubs. For example, we distributed funds to the track and field team for hurdles and a high jump pad. At the same time, we are able to spread our funds out to also help smaller special interest clubs like Earth Club, Breezes Newspaper, Architectural Challenge and Backpack Tutoring, all of which couldn't exist without our financial support. Therefore, it is important to consider a membership donation to the Skippers Booster Club as well as the larger activities you already support.

Why would I become a member if my child is in middle school?

Starting to support the Skippers Booster Club in middle school is an excellent way to continue the legacy of supporting co-curriculars at Minnetonka High School. There are many middle school students who currently benefit from the equipment and supplies purchased through us for the Minnetonka High School clubs and activities. Some already participate in high school or Community Ed programs. Also, most of the equipment we have purchased will be here for a long time to come so your middle school student will benefit in the near future.

How can I get involved in the Skippers Booster Club and what kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

We are always looking for people to get involved in helping in an area that interests them. There are currently open positions throughout the club’s Board of Directors along with shadowing opportunities at all levels of service within the club. Please check out the open positions under the Board Members tab and the position descriptions under the Volunteer Opportunities tab on our website.

Is the Booster Club the Booster Store?

The Skippers Booster Club is the organization that manages the Skippers Booster Store. The Store falls under the Skippers Booster Club’s umbrella. All proceeds from the Store combined with Membership Donations and our other fundraising efforts provide the budget for our end-of-year funding distribution to all clubs that request a grant.

Where is the Booster Store located?

The Booster Store is conveniently located in the Student Union of Minnetonka High School. You can access it from either the West or Main Entrance. We are next to the Activities Office. The Store is open from 11 - 2 p.m. every day school is in session and the second Thursday of each month from 4 - 7 p.m. We are also open some Saturdays and for many special events. These hours are usually posted on our Booster Store tab on our website.

How does the Skippers Booster Club raise money?

We raise financial support through Membership Donations, Booster Store purchases, and other fundraising events throughout the year.

Does the Booster Store sell clothes at the middle schools?

Currently we sell merchandise at our Booster store at Minnetonka High School. We do stock items in youth sizes but most middle schoolers fit into our general sizing. We are working on providing “pop up” stores at MMW and MME for special events like Homecoming and Winter/Spring Break. You can find out about these special promotions by going to our District website and clicking on the Booster Store tab.