Board Members

At the Skipper's Booster Club year-end meting in June, the following officers were elected for this upcoming school year's term.

For questions or more information on how you can get involved with the club, please email us at:

Executive Board  
President Stacy Joslin
Traci Peterson
Vice President Stacy Cranbrook
Secretary Carol Koyonen
Treasurer Mary Rivers

Cym Kibort


Committee Chairs  
Booster Store Deb Hanson
Booster Buyer Beth Homeister
Lori Orman
Membership Donations

Amy Harry

Volunteer Coordinator Brenda Erickson
Fundraising Dana Callahan
Laura Ammon
Senior Party

Angie Trapnell

Website Manager

Amy Harry

Booster Store Treasurer Christine Galbreath
Special Events Coordinator

Karyn Maurer
Susan Quinn

Store Communications

Nicholle Durkee


  • John and Margaret Allenburg
  • Ammon Laura
  • Minnetonka Football Webcast Crew
  • David and Camie Boles
  • Brandt Family
  • Callahan Famiily
  • Jim and Dede Cooke
  • Cranbrook Family
  • John and Melanie Dawson
  • Kirk and Jill DuLac
  • Durkee Family
  • Erickson Family
  • Christine and Scott Galbreath
  • Gammill Family
  • John and Deb Hanson
  • Harry Family
  • David and Shannon Heupel
  • Homeister Family
  • Joslin Family
  • Hollis Fritts and Nancy Kallio
  • Tim and Trisha Kamps
  • Kapeller Family
  • Rod Kerber
  • Jesse and Cym Kibort
  • Matt and Lisa Koeppen
  • Koyonen Family
  • Lacomy Family
  • Scott Kristin Lauerman
  • Matt Merfeld & Stephanie McCarthy
  • Tom and Karla Iverson
  • Justin and Andrea McHugh
  • Carter and Carrie Muench
  • Christian and Sarah Ogilvie
  • Jon and Lori Orman
  • Bruce and Anne Palm
  • Jeff and Angie Pankoff
  • Aaron and Becky Paradise
  • Brad and Traci Peterson
  • Matt and Susan Quinn
  • Anonymous
  • John and Kelly Rausch
  • Rosenhagen Family
  • Alex and Margot Rosenstein
  • Chris and Michelle Seets
  • Henry and Sarah Soetanto
  • Dave and Pamela Soltau
  • Timothy and Doris Stoebe
  • Glenn and Carrie Stolar
  • Eric and Carolyn Thomes
  • Trapnell Family
  • Uelmen Family/Eau Claire Marathon
  • Weigel Family
  • Robin Wettengel
  • Kyle and Kristine Wiese
  • McPherson Family