Brad Board Award

Brad Board Award for Excellence in Elementary Education Fund
Named for former Deephaven and Minnewashta principal Bradley G. Board, this fund awards a yearly grant of $500 to a district elementary teacher or professional staff person as a form of public recognition of excellence and achievement for this individual as a teacher/mentor having great impact on children.

The fund was originally established in 1999 by the Deephaven Elementary PTO, at the time of the retirement of Mr. Board as their principal (1985-1999). Mr. Board had served the Minnetonka Public Schools District for 29 years at the time of his departure. After a brief respite, Mr. Board was principal for 3 additional years at Minnewashta Elementary. Upon his official retirement in 2004, Mr. Board broadened the fund's focus to acknowledge a teacher or staff person from any Minnetonka elementary school.

The award is given each May at the district's Celebration of Excellence award night. Teacher/staff nominations are accepted by the district every February.


Celebration of Excellence

Past award recipients

  • 2024 - Jayna Rafferty, Excelsior (watch video)
  • 2023 - Brent Frank, Groveland (watch video)
  • 2022 -Jane Sladky Valley, Deephaven (watch video)
  • 2021 -Rachel Norton, Deephaven (watch video)
  • 2020 - Cristina Darbut, Clear Springs 
  • 2019- Paul Johnson, Groveland (watch video)
  • 2018 - Andreas Lundheim, Clear Springs (watch video)
  • 2017 - Trudy Schnorr, Groveland (watch video)
  • 2016 - Kay Ost, Deephaven (watch video)
  • 2015 - Daryl Seifert, Groveland (watch video)
  • 2014 - Kelly Phillips, Clear Springs
  • 2013 - Sue Odt, Groveland
  • 2012 - Jeanne Krake, Scenic Heights
  • 2011 - Lynn Owens, Deephaven
  • 2010 - Sandy Katkov, Scenic Heights
  • 2009 - Laura Whalen, Minnewashta
  • 2008 - Colleen Small, Groveland
  • 2007 - Mary Beth Solheim, Special Education
  • 2006 - Debbie Engel, Clear Springs