Foundation Forum - Vantage Momentum Building

The Minnetonka Public School District is embarking on the construction of its first brick-and-mortar building in 50 years, which will be the new home of the Vantage and Momentum programs. This building will feature a forum space accommodating 140 people with state-of-the-art audio and video systems, a 7’ x 12’ High-Definition screen, and a unique lighting system that among other things, accommodates all skin tones. This forum space will be a multi-use, premier gathering space in the district. In partnering with the District, the Foundation will provide upto $220,000 over the next 3 years to equip this innovative space and facilitate the learning environment needed for the classroom of the future. The building will begin holding classes, and hosting meetings and gatherings in January 2024.   

Vantage Momentum Building

Interior View of the Foundation Forum

Foundation Forum

Exterior View of the Foundation Forum

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The Foundation's Endowment Fund

A stable, permanent source of income, the Foundation's $1.5 million Endowment Fund allows us to support long-term, broad impact, foundation board designated programming. It is managed by a professional investment firm in accordance with strict investment principles approved by the Foundation board. An investment committee of highly qualified volunteers meets regularly to monitor the investment portfolio.