Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a foundation necessary for a public school system?

The Foundation provides supplemental funds for innovative educational ideas which otherwise may not be supported. Funds raised for the foundation augment the school district revenues provided by taxpayers, state aid, and other public funding sources. Additionally, the Foundation generates community involvement and champions the many accomplishments of the Minnetonka Public School District and its students.

What kinds of programs does The Foundation fund?

Our Teacher Grant Program funds short-term innovative classroom grants (on average, between $1,000 and $2,500) for programs within a school year in direct response to requests from district teachers and staff.

With proceeds from our Endowment Fund, we can fund larger scale projects for multiple years and with broader student impact. Using Endowment Fund proceeds, the Foundation funded the launch of The Writing Center at Minnetonka High School and advanced global competency programs and curriculum for students throughout the district.

Who decides what programs are funded by the Foundation?

District staff reviews any funding proposals to ensure it is aligned with district strategic priorities. Funding is approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees and then the Minnetonka School Board.

Do other school districts have Foundations?

Minnesota has over 35 public school districts with education foundations. Having an Endowment Fund for consistent and reliable funding makes the Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation unusual.

Can anyone be on the board of the Foundation?

District residents, Minnetonka alumni, and the parents of current or past students are eligible to be on the board of the Foundation. Please go to the Contact Us page to inquire about board membership.

What's the difference between a school PTA/PTO and the Foundation?

Contributions made to a PTA/PTO stay at that specific school and may be used to fund a wider variety of programming, supplies and services. Contributions to The Foundation support all Minnetonka schools and are solely for curricular programs and materials.

I already pay property taxes; why should I donate more?

In addition to educating our children, a strong education system is vital to the economic health of our economy, the robustness of our local government, and quality of life in our community for generations to come. Minnetonka schools have a national reputation for educational excellence and innovation, and supporting the Foundation fuels increased achievement. Our students and community members reap those benefits many times over.


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