We are proud of our alumni who are Veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Forces. Thank you for your service!

If you or someone you know is a Minnetonka graduate and a Veteran or active military member, and is not listed below, please complete our contact form so we can add them to this list.

1931 (Excelsior)Melvin Colby (deceased)Army
1935Alfred John BottkeArmy
1935 (Excelsior)James Thomas (deceased)Army
1937 (Excelsior)Fred Thomas (deceased)Army
Rufus C. Jefferson (deceased)

Coast Guard

1938 (Excelsior)Harold "Jim" LeesNavy
1938 (Deephaven)Stewart Smith (deceased)Navy
1939 (Excelsior)Bob WilliamsMarine Corps
Dr. Kenneth SmithNavy
1940 (Excelsior)Donald ThomasArmy
Robert Carlson
Air Force
Robert "Bob" Hullsiek (deceased)Air Force
1941 (Deephaven)Benton Gerald "Tony" Johnson (deceased)Navy
1941Leonard Koehnen (deceased)Air Force
1942 (Deephaven)Orin Crosby
1942 (Deephaven)Thomas GowenCoast Guard
1943Gale FullerCoast Guard

1943 (Excelsior)

Lee Hermann



Kenneth Koehnen (deceased)


1944Eugene KoehnenArmy
1944 (Deephaven)William Dorsey Smith (deceased)Navy
1945 (Excelsior)Hugh "Oz" AreyAir Force, Army, Navy
1945 (Excelsior)Jerry GibsonNavy
1945 (Excelsior)Richard Alan De Guise (deceased)Army
Irving Johnson

1946John FlinkArmy
1946George HoldenNavy
1946John E. LeeNavy, Air Force
1946Lee WilliamsNavy
1947 (Deephaven)

Richard Lee (deceased)

National Guard

1947John NormanArmy
1948Carl HoffmanAir Force
1948Gordon Koehnen (deceased)Air Force
1948 (Excelsior)

Lowell Jergens

Air Force

1948 (Excelsior)

Herbert Schmidt (deceased)


1948Rodney ThompsonAir Force

Ronald Bongard

Air Force

1949Gene R. ClappNavy, Army
1949 (Excelsior)

Phillip "Bud" Haley


1949 (Excelsior)James MoffetNavy
1949 (Excelsior)Phillip "Bud" HaleyNavy
1949 (Excelsior)Richard "Bud" Thomas (deceased)Army
1949Ronald BongardAir Force

Name Details
1950Patrick BrickleyNavy

1950 (Deephaven)

George E. Leuer

1950 (Deephaven)Charles "Chuck" LobbAir Force, Air Force Reserves
1950 (Deephaven)Donald "Don" SchuetzNavy
1950John Sommer (deceased)Navy
1951 (Deephaven)

Virgil Andrada (deceased)



Jim Bingham


1951Alan ClappNavy
1951Richard Evans


1951 (Deephaven)

Russ Holman


1951 (Deephaven)

Tom LaHaye


1951Wayne Nickham

Air Force

1951Harlin Olannd

Marine Corps
1951Kent Passe

1951Dick PetersonNavy
1952Howard Babock
1952Walter Berg


1952Larry Spooner (deceased)Marine Corps
1953Milt Brooks (deceased)

Air Force

1953Arthur FredricksonNavy
1953Reginold Frost (deceased)

1953Frank Johnson

Marine Corps

1953Penny Martinson (deceased)Army
1953Perry MartinsonArmy
1953William ParsonageArmy
1953Don Stewart


1954Donald CorruthArmy
1954Patricia MeathAir Force
1954Tom SmithArmy
1955Carlyle (Jack) BallantineMarine Corps

Bruce Gniffke

1955Anthony McKeown



Ted Sundin

Air Force

1955Lowell A. VetterMarine Corps
1955Richard VosmekArmy
1956John AnfinsenNavy
1956John DarkeArmy
1956Richard Hanner


Robert Kleven

Air Force


David Kliefgen



Carl "Bud" Kollmeyer (deceased)

1956Douglas Kruger

Air Force

1956Lowell LundAir Force
1956Dennis MooreNavy
1956Richard Mueller

1956Kenneth Nikins



John Bradford "Brad" Reeves

Marine Corps

1956William "Bill" SauerArmy
1956James Smith (deceased)Navy
1956Ellis ThomasNavy
1957Betty (Joswick) BlodgettAir Force
1957John BlodgettAir Force
1957George CranbrookArmy
1957Leroy FooteNavy
1957Ron JohnsenNavy
1957David McRae (deceased)Navy
1957Joseph MoyleArmy
1957Allan W. Rife, Sr.Army
1957Allen SchneiderArmy
1957John "Al" TiltonArmy
1957John TiltonArmy
1957Lloyd TroendleArmy

John Cranbrook


David Crozier

1958Phil GaraghtyArmy
1958John KleinheskelMarine Corps
1958Jon SeirupArmy
1958Rich ThompsonAir Force
1959Jerry ClarkMarine Corps

1959Joseph DeGuiseMarine Corps

1959Alicejean (Leigh) DodsonArmy
1959Thomas HafnerMarine Corps

Lee Hehl

Air Force


Air Force

1959Gary PetersonArmy

Robert Sage


John Tendall

Air Force


Daryl Wedan


1959Thomas HafnerMarine Corps
Graduating Class Name Details
1960 Michael Alberg (deceased) Air Force
1960 Curtis Black Army




Bill Blood


1960 Lester "Lee" Davis Army
1960 Kent DO  





James Hanner








James Kraft




1960 Bill Naegele Army
1960 Bill Oakley Navy


Tom Penn


1960 Bob Petersen Marine Corps
1960 Dean Rizer Army
1960 Bruce Ross Army
1960 John Sorflaten Air Force


Tom Tallakson




Wayne Terry


Marine Corps


1960 Steve Workman Navy
1961 Bruce Adomeit Army
1961 Les Allen (deceased) Army


Bob Azarski


1961 Dan Bartsch Army
1961 John Boertjens Army
1961 Dan Bradford Navy, Air Force
1961 Francis "Butch" Colby Navy
1961 Kent Dolan Navy
1961 Jim Glover Army
1961 Jim Hatch Army
1961 Gary Johnson Army
1961 Wayne Johnson Army
1961 Steve King Navy
1961 Jim Lenhart Marine Corps


Bob McClain


Marine Corps


1961 Mike Morgan Navy
1961 Larry Nelson Navy
1961 Stu Peterson Army
1961 Larry Potter Navy


Don Trick






Bob Wostrel







William Thomas




1962 Darrel Dix Army
1962 Tom Griffin Army

Gil Vander Ham (deceased)




1962 Arthur Johnsen Army
1962 Jim Johnson Army
1962 Jerry Martin Marine Corps

Dave Rodem


1963 Marty Benson (deceased) Marine Corps
1963 Gary Richard Davis Navy
1963 Eric Eastman Navy
1963 Richard "Dick" Engebretson Navy
1963 Paul Finsness Army
1963 Alan Fletcher Marine Corps
1963 Richard "Dick" Gerberding Navy
1963 Patrick Gorbin Army
1963 Grant Gustafson Marine Corps
1963 Marc Haire Navy
1963 Lloyd Hammerstrom Air Force
1963 John Michael Horton Navy
1963 Daniel Langva Navy
1963 Thomas Larson Army
1963 Jim McKinney Army
1963 David Olson Air Force
1963 Ross Peterson Marine Corps
1963 Charles "Chuck" Scott Army
1963 Willy Skadsberg Navy
1963 Edward Terry Marine Corps
1963 Bernie Teske (deceased) Marine Corps
1963 Bruce Triden Navy
1963 Richard Wagner Army
1963 Keith Wassmund Air Force
1963 James Wilson Air Force
Name Details
1964 Chic Anding Army
1964 Jim Bean (deceased) Marine Corps
1964 Gary Blesi Navy, Army
1964 Jeremy "Jerry" Brown Air Force
1964 Jeffrey Dolan Air Force
1964 William Fleury Navy
1964 Mike Foty Navy
1964 Michael "Mike" George Marine Corps
1964 Leon Goldenman Air Force
1964 Bill Griffin Navy
1964 John Hallin Air Force
1964 John Hansen Marine Corps
1964 John Hegranes Marine Corps
1964 Thomas Hodel Army
1964 Keith Johnson Navy
1964 Ronald Kohls Army
1964 John A. Moorhead, Jr. Army
1964 Joe Mullen  
1964 Alan Pederson Marine Corps
1964 Chuck Pillsbury Coast Guard
1964 Crosby Reay Marine Corps
1964 Ted Robb Marine Corps
1964 Jim Sherman Army
1964 Michael Smegal Navy
1964 Joe Smith Navy, Army
1964 Steve Wolfe  
1964 Jim York Army
1965 James Adsem Navy
1965 William "Bill" Armstrong Navy
1965 Dan Austin Marine Corps
1965 David Berscheit Navy
1965 Chris Bollis Army
1965 Steven Canfield (deceased) Air Force
1965 Robert Carruth Army
1965 Gary Davis Navy
1965 Edeard Hewitt III Army
1965 Ken FitzGerald Navy
1965 Phil Garvais Navy
1965 Sandra Strom-Gieseke Air Force
1965 Dale Granger (1965) Army
1965 Charles "Chuck" Ham Marine Corps, Navy
1965 Judy Vander Ham Navy
1965 Patrick Hanily Army
1965 Peter Holmgren Army
1965 Harley Kester Marine Corps
1965 Roger Kittleson (deceased) Marine Corps
1965 Terry Knutson Army
1965 David Konerza Air Force
1965 Allen "Trey" Labatt Army
1965 Terry LeDell Army
1965 Dave Leitzman Air Force
1965 Charles "Chuck" Lundeen (deceased) Air Force
1965 Don Lundman Army
1965 James "Jim" Mackie Air Force
1965 Brian Mahin Navy
1965 Thomas McKinney Navy
1965 Ronald "Ron" Mielke Air Force
1965 Eugene J. Miller Marine Corps
1965 Raymond Olsen Army
1965 Rodney Olson Army
1965 Mike Olund Army
1965 Win "Gilbert" Peirsol Army
1965 Karl Petersen Navy
1965 Tom Peterson Air Force
1965 John Reed Navy
1965 John Reynolds Army
1965 John Ryan Army
1965 Charles Rye Army
1965 John Sather Air Force
1965 Steve Sapp Navy
1965 Robert Schneider Air Force
1965 David Scott Marine Corps
1965 Tom Selseth Army
1965 Thomas "Tom" Shelton Army
1965 John Simcox Navy
1965 Ed Sorenson Army
1965 David Swan Navy
1965 Gary Thompson Army
1965 Ray Thuftedal Army
1965 Steve Troxell Navy
1965 David Walker Army
1965 Bob Weber Army


Name Details
1966 Cornell Anderson Air Force
1966 Jeffrey Agrell Army
1966 Cullen Anderson Army
1966 Charles Asp (John Dotseth) Marine Corps
1966 Linda (Heger) Baker Navy
1966 John K. Barnes Navy
1966 James "Birdie" Berscheit Air Force
1966 Michael "Mike" Edmondson (deceased) Marine Corps
1966 Donald Gerberding Navy
1966 Daniel Hannah Navy
1966 David Hill Army
1966 Jacqueline Ellershaw Hodges Navy
1966 Michael Hoops Navy
1966 Bruce Johnson Army
1966 John Kelly Army
1966 Lowel Lund Air Force
1966 Jim Meyers Navy
1966 Mark Minkler Army
1966 James Reay Army
1966 Greg Rice Navy, Air National Guard
1966 Russell Schober (deceased)  
1966 Steven Wheeler Army
1966 David Workman Army
1967 Jerry Bruner Marine Corps
1967 Robert Burton Navy
1967 Kenneth Franet (deceased) Army
1967 Michael Halleck Marine Corps
1967 John Hanley Navy
1967 John Kelly Army
1967 Paul Laidig Marine Corps
1967 Arnold C. Miller Army
1967 Wayne Robertson Navy
1967 Richard Segler Marine Corps
1967 Jan York Army
1968 Steve Cobb Air Force
1968 Kevin Cochran Navy
1968 Geoffrey Gipson Air Force
1968 William M. Jones Army
1968 Tommy Knopick (deceased) Army
1968 Thomas Lohstreter Navy
1968 Donald Merhar Air Force
1968 Jerry Moore Navy Reserve
1968 Kenneth Nelson Navy
1968 Tim Reay Army
1968 James Sather Army
1968 Randy Swerey Army
1968 David Thomas Army
1968 Patricia (Phillippi) Thompson Army
1969 Steve Beckman Marine Corps
1969 Scott Belfry Marine Corps
1969 Jeff Colby Army
1969 Mike Cruikshank Army
1969 David Greskovics Air Force
1969 Dwight Johnson Army
1969 Tom Kroupa Army
1969 Keith Kruger Coast Guard
1969 Scott Lever Marine Corps
1969 Bob Lowe Army
1969 Michael Mason Navy
1969 Dean Nephew Air Force
1969 Gregory G. Ogin Navy
1969 Richard Reeves Navy
1969 Drew Swanson Army
1969 Paul Thour Air Force
Name Details
1970 Geoffrey Ecoff Army
1970 Duane Hassig Army
1970 Rufus C. Jefferson Marine Corps
1970 Jeffrey Kaufman Army
1970 Jim Morgan Army
1970 Thomas Nelson Army
1971 Terry Anderson Army
1971 John DeVaney Air Force
1971 Joy (Davis) Fruen Air Force
1971 Craig Gustafson Army
1971 Barbara (Lush) Henderson Army
1971 Michael Jurgens Army
1971 Kevin Kask Army
1971 Gary Lehmkuhl Air Force
1971 Michael Meyer Air Force
1971 Robert Politte Marine Corps
1971 Paul Stadsklev Army
1971 John Zimmer Navy
1972 Richard Jacobson Army
1972 Raymond Johnson Navy
1972 Lindy "Paul" Leach Army
1972 Peter Mann Navy
1972 Tim Mason Navy
1972 Hank Morgän


1972 Karla Peterson Navy
1972 Dale Politte Marine Corps
1972 Tom Timberg Army
1973 Larry Brauchle Navy
1973 Todd Caster Army
1973 James Conklin Air Force
1973 Daniel Kinzer  
1973 Craig Lankki Navy
1973 Terry Leonard Army
1973 Ann (Stranik) Lund Army, Army Reserves
1973 Michael Perrault Navy
1973 Dana Sotherlund  
1973 Michael Perrault Navy
1973 Tim Stodola Navy
1974 Barb Reeves Army
1974 Carl Boertjens Navy
1974 Barbara Chase Navy
1974 Paul DeVaney Air Force
1974 Dave Force Air Force
1974 Steve Force Navy
1974 Larry Johnson Navy
1974 Shelley Kluz Army
1974 Bob Sorenson Army
1974 Gerald Olson Marine Corps
1974 Dave Osmonson Navy
1974 Scott S. Scheurich Navy
1974 Bob Sorenson Army
1975 Todd Cherland Coast Guard
1975 Jerri Haaven Army
1975 Don Hansen Coast Guard
1975 Jonathan "Jon" Hoaglund Army
1975 Scott Hogenson Navy
1975 Jennifer (Johnson) Knutson  
1975 Paul Mara Army
1975 Brad Smith Coast Guard
1976 Michelle Baird Marine Corps
1976 Jim Coe Army
1976 Helen (Feichtinger) Federline Army
1976 Tim Griep Army
1976 Melanie (Paul) Hale Army
1976 Mary Jordan Army
1976 Mickey Miller Navy
1976 Scott Reid Army
1976 Tim Seifert Army
1976 Steven Shermock Navy
1976 Doug Thomas Navy
1976 Richard Zuehl Marine Corps
1977 Pam Dvorak Army

Doug Hansen

1977 Bruce Benton David Johnson (deceased)


1977 James Kaufman Marine Corps
1977 Mike Shields Navy
1978 Larry Fraser Air Force
1978 Ray Froberg Navy
1978 Doug Haugen Army Reserves
1978 Rich Holcomb Navy
1978 Stephen Kingston US Navy
1978 Mike McGuire Air Force
1978 Jeffrey S. Sears Army
1978 Terrance Smith Navy
1978 David Wells Navy, Air Force
1979 Brad Brooks Army
1979 Ricardo Brooks Marine Corps
1979 Nancy (Bittermann) Brown Navy
1979 Robert Clayborne Marine Corps
1979 Brent Flaskerud Navy
1979 Elizabeth "Betsy" Holt (deceased) Air Force
1979 Brad Johnson Marine Corps
1979 Terry Kelly Marine Corps
1979 Kurt Shaddrick Air Force
1979 Alan Winters Army
Name Details
1980 Tamara (Wells) Azuras Navy
1980 Marty Backus Army
1980 David Chinander Air National Guard
1980 Bill Force Air Force
1980 Jim Kinzer Army, Army Reserves
1980 James Kohnke Navy
1980 John Lane Marine Corps
1980 Donald Olson Air Force
1980 Brian Pigg US Marine Corps
1980 Steven Raby U.S. Coast Guard
1980 James P. Sarafolean II Navy
1980 Michael Wahl Army
1980 Anthony Woitalla Air Force, Army
1981 Carl Martin Andersen Army
1981 Tomas Anderson Air Force
1981 Donald Babitz


Marine Corps


1981 Bill McCloskey Navy
1981 Robert A. Moran Marine Corps
1981 Bill Force Air Force
1981 David Huntington Army
1981 Jeff Kinzer Army
1981 David Schmidt


1982 Michael Brinkhaus Air Force, Air National Guard
1982 Brett Brooks Army
1982 Jay R. Cherland Navy
1982 Cathy Cornish Air Force
1982 Carter Fairfield Marine Corps
1982 Michael Glaccum Air Force
1982 Mary Lund Air Force
1982 Jeff Meyers Air Force
1982 Ted Miller Army
1982 Todd Nicholson Navy
1982 Daniel Ott Navy
1982 Bradley Rosenberger Navy
1982 Scott Shepard Navy
1982 Erik Simonson  
1982 Daniel Svardal Army
1982 Peter Turner Navy
1982 John J. Ziegler III Air Force
1983 Susanne Aspley Army
1983 Alan Tollefson Air Force
1983 Layne Beckman Army
1983 Duncan Clyborne Army
1983 Dean Graupmann Army
1983 Paige Green Marines
1983 Tom Klouda Army Reserve
1983 Mark Oswald Navy
1983 Monetta Plassmeyer Navy
1983 Alan Tollefson Air Force
1984 Daniel Larson Marine Corps
1984 Robert Gunderson Air Force
1984 Daniel Larson Marine Corps
1985 Deborah (Huber) Ford  
1985 Chuck Frizelle Navy
1985 Jens Gotthardsen Royal Danish Army
1985 Jeffrey Greenlee Army
1985 David Meyers Air Force
1985 Ryan Opel Army
1985 Eugene Stauber Army
1985 William Tenney Navy
1986 Kristoffer K. Cox Air Force
1986 Jeff Renlund Navy
1986 Juli (Wolter) Gempler Navy
1986 Leo Moreno Air Force
1987 James Garrigan Air Force
1987 Joel Johnson Navy
1987 Perry Meyer Navy
1987 Ross Olin Navy
1987 Mark Scholle Army
1987 Lane Sherman Navy

Scott Shipstad


1987 Lisa Walz Navy
1988 Jim Cochran Coast Guard
1988 Tim Wood Navy
Name Details
1990 Ned Bruce Mavy
1990 Justin Eisel Army
1990 William Houston Navy
1990 Brett Menne Navy
1990 Danielle Minor Marine Corps
1990 Susan (Sponagle) Moffet Navy
1990 Keri (Schreiber) Singleton Air Force
1990 Dave Thul Army National Guard
1990 Keri (Schreiber) Singleton Air Force
1991 Jeremy Bowers Navy
1991 Corby Koehler Army National Guard
1992 Anthony Ardito Navy
1992 Jacques Baumer Air Force
1992 Michael Hawley Army
1992 Jamie Kruger Army Reserve
1992 Matt LeBrun Army National Guard
1992 Jeremy Meyer Marine Corps
1992 John Morrison Army National Guard
1992 Matthew Wisegarver Army
1992 Ken Witschorik Army
1992 Kurt Witschorik Army
1993 Scott Barnacle Air Force
1993 Michael Edwards National Guard
1994 Keith Barnacle Air Force
1994 Justin Brisley Navy
1994 Daniel Dvorak Air Force
1994 Andrew Hachtman Army
1995 Scott Hedtke Navy
1995 Todd Johnson Army
1995 Ben Osborn Army
1995 Jody (Brandt) Pederson Marine Corps
1995 Mike Ringer Air Force
1995 Kristina Schobey Army
1996 Geoffrey Zahn Air Force
1996 Sam Erwin Marine Corps
1996 Scott Gerling Army
1996 Jim Panacopolous Air Force
1996 Ryan Richard Navy
1996 Brandon Thompson Navy
1997 Ryan Ambrose Air Force
1997 Andrew Flor Navy
1997 Jennifer Kreisler Navy
1997 Chad Shenk Air Force
1997 Heather Sweetser Army
1998 Kyle Fransdal Air Force
1998 Adam Rislund Marine Corps
1999 Mike Ayotte Army
1999 Elizabeth (Follese) Fransdal Air Force
1999 Elizabeth (Baresch) Hargrove Air Force
1999 Jeff Mathiowitz Army National Guard
1999 Brian Mosley Marine Corps
1999 Edmund Nevin Marine Corps
1999 Kathleen (Mattson) Sharpe Army
1999 Gary Slater Marine Corps
1999 Matt Thompson Army


Name Details
2000 Steven Camp Marine Corps
2000 Sean Engel Navy
2000 Matthew Lommel Army
2000 Kellen "Casey" McDonald Army National Guard
2000 Peter Norgaard Navy
2000 Sarah (Eide) Potts Army National Guard
2000 Matthew Radde Marine Corps
2000 Ross Stadsklev Army
2001 Bill Ayotte Army
2001 Casey Campbell Army
2002 Stein Thorbeck Army
2002 Karen Waldorf Army
2003 Jeremy Hamilton  
2003 Wade Radde Marine Corps
2003 Peter Shenk Air Force
2004 Liz (Ayotte) Baxter Army
2004 Tyler Gustafson Navy
2004 Jordan Helgesen Marine Corps
2004 Michael Kerber Marine Corps
2004 Andrew McDonald Army
2004 Robert Wold Marine Corps
2006 Kelly Fischer  
2006 Jonathan Owens Marine Corps
2007 Daniel Carbonneau Marine Corps

Cory Johnson



Bobby Miller


Marine Corps


Christopher Shortreed



Marine Corps
2007 Timothy Shortreed Marine Corps
2008 Austin Lang Air Force
2009 Daniel Benedict Marine Corps
2009 Dat Quan Dang Army
2009 Greyson Hensley Army
2010 Alex Altricher-Lattner Marine Corps
2010 Alexander J. Berger Army
2010 Mike McCullum Marine Corps
2011 Kristian Edson Air Force

Kamiko Higashi

2011 Daniel Highland Air Force
2011 Alexis King Army
2012 Matthew Hager Army
2012 Kaia Hanks Marine Corps
2012 Thomas Krantz Army Reserves
2013 Justin Boyle Navy
2014 Wilson (Wil) Brown Marine Corps
2014 Drew Julius Navy
2014 Duncan Reed Johnson Marine

Evi Kahana

2015 Connor McDoanld Air Force
2015 Michael Mingus Army Ranger
2015 Carter Torres Navy
2016 Noah Dejewski Army Ranger
2016 Joseph Einhorn Marine Corps
2016 Madison Gagnon Army
2016 Ben Gallentine Air Force
2016 Benjamin Johnson Air Force
2016 Nikkoamor Losey  
2016 Josephine "Joey" Lowden Army
2016 Ben Olson Marine Corps
2016 Maddy Sangma Navy
2016 Alexander Stamboldjiev Marine Corps


Tanner Wald


2016 Kyle Wipf Air Force
Name Details
2017 Grace Bakala Army
2017 Bud Harris Navy
2017 Don Lemke  
2017 Quinne Johnson US Army
2017 James Lemke  
2017 Tim McHale  
2017 Larry Opfer  
2017 Clifford Charles Sampson Navy
2017 James West Sampson Navy
2017 Cole Shipman Navy

Liam Arnar

Air National Guard
2018 Henry Bixler Navy
2018 Tyler Fahning Navy

Logan Gallagher

Air Force

Java Gordon

Army National Guard


Jacob Hagen

Army National Guard

2018 Sarah Riviere Herzan Army National Guard

James Jorde

Army National Guard

2018 Mac Karrick  

Devon Kendall

Air Force
2018 Alanna Julius Navy

Nicholas Lowden

2018 Sarah O'Connor  
2018 Olivia Pfaendtner  
2018 Megan Rivers Army National Guard
2018 Olivia Rey  

Annika Shipstad

2018 Jared Simmer Army National Guard

Keyonté Talley

Air Force

Samuel Venjohn

Air Force

Zachery Wallace

Marine Corps
2019 Suzanne Muench Army
Aidan Oestreich U.S. Army Reserves
2019 Anders Raichert Air Force
2019 Jared Simmer Army National Guard
2019 Ethan Taddy Army ROTC
2019 Matthew Kickhafer Coast Guard
2019 Nathan Olmsted Coast Guard