Teacher Grants

Did you know that the Minnetonka Alumni Association raises money to support visual, performing and literary arts; science and technology; and student well-being across the Minnetonka School District? It's true! In fact, the MAA typically provides thousands of dollars in teacher grant funding every year in partnership with the Minnetonka Schools Foundation. These teacher grants provide classes with opportunities beyond and separate from the schools’ normal operating budget.

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Alumni make a real difference for our schools

Check out this great thank you video from one class that benefited from the MAA funding SMART Xylophones.
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Past teacher grants funded by the Minnetonka Alumni Association


  • Best Buddies Club (MHS)
  • Digital Pens (MMW)
  • Classroom Globe (Minnewashta)
  • Harbor Room Recumbent Bike (MHS)
  • Minnetonka Community and Resource Night (Districtwide)
  • Sonor SMART Series Xylophones (Clear Springs)
  • Spanish Immersion Board Games (MMW)


  • The National Parks: America’s Best Idea (Minnetonka High School)
  • Urban Mapping (Minnetonka High School)
  • Clay Slab Roller (Minnewashta Elementary School)
  • Outdoor Learning (Minnetonka Preschool)
  • Sonor SMART Series Xylophones (Clear Springs Elementary School)


  • Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Social Emotional Intelligence Through Books (Minnetonka Community Education)
  • Three Minutes can make a Big Difference: Innovative Methods in Supporting Student and Teachers Well-being (Excelsior and Scenic Heights elementary schools)
  • Special Education Social Skills Games (Excelsior Elementary School)
  • Academic Achievements for Chinese Immersion Learners (Excelsior and Scenic Height elementary schools)
  • Puppet Theater for Social Emotional Learning in Kindergarten (Groveland Elementary School)


  • Art Therapy (Excelsior Elementary School)
  • Art Banners (Minnetonka High School)
  • Enhancing Well-being and Reducing Anxiety through VR Experiences (Minnetonka Middle School West)
  • Human Genome and Ecology Documentaries (Minnetonka High School)


  • Remo West African Drums (Clear Springs and Scenic Heights elementary schools)
  • Draw the Future with 3D Pen (Excelsior and Scenic Heights elementary schools)
  • Elements of Art Centers: Impact (Clear Springs and Minnewashta elementary schools)


  • MWA Art Rom on Wheels
  • MULT Colored Hand Chimes


  • Art Display Cases


  • Grandparents and Grandchildren Sing Together
  • Jamstik Smart Guitar
  • Social Skills Through Improv
  • Chinese Dragon/Lion Dance


  • Robotic Engineers at Groveland
  • Video Crane at MHS
  • A Long Walk to Water at MMW


  • African Drumming (partial funding)
  • Art Reproductions
  • Skype an Author
  • Video Production Sound Bar and Receiver


  • Minnetonka Elementary Musical Theatre Program (partial funding)
  • Family Culture Fest at Excelsior
  • Hand chimes (Suzuki “Tone Chimes”) at Middle School West
  • iPad photography apps at MHS
  • Collaborative mural and installation series at MHS
  • All the World’s a Stage at MHS (partial funding)


  • Guest actor workshops at MHS
  • Portable ‘Smart’ Light Board at MHS
  • Musical instruments at Excelsior Elementary
  • Virtual field trips at Middle School West (partial funding)


  • MWA art room library and resource center
  • Weaving loom at Excelsior Elementary
  • Chinese Music Residency at Scenic Heights
  • Guest musician clinics at Middle School East and West
  • Drama rehearsal camera at MHS
  • Chinese Music Residency Grant
  • 2011-12 Master Musician Grant


  • Art posters for all elementary schools


  • Art DVDs for all elementary schools


  • Supplies for 4th graders to learn how to make paper
  • Boomwhackers percussion tubes for middle school music classes
  • Cantus chamber choir in-service with MHS choirs (partial funding)


  • A negative scanner for MHS photography classes
  • Woodworking tools for Minnetonka Theatre at MHS


  • Ethnic dance instruction at MHS
  • Vocal specialist to work with MHS choirs


  • Display cases for the Arts Center on 7 at MHS
  • MHS Jazz Ensemble travel expenses to perform at National School Boards Convention (partial funding)
  • Performance royalties for Theatre productions (partial funding)