The Minnetonka Alumni Association is dedicated to supporting the Minnetonka Public School District. Our current campaign focuses on funding fine arts experiences of students.

Students in the 21st century need skills that enable them to craft new realities out of fast-moving data -- to decode sounds and images, articulate problems, envision possibilities and shape workable solutions using multiple diverse perspectives. They need curiosity, adaptability, empathy, the habit of lifelong learning and to compose a future we can only imagine, they will need creativity. Research has consistently shown that combining the desire to create with the perseverance needed to excel in the arts results in improved student performance in all academic subjects.

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Please complete the pledge form below to make a donation. These funds will be used to support Teacher Grants, hold future alumni recognition/fundraising events and continue the general operation of the Minnetonka Alumni Association. Working together we can help ensure excellence in fine arts programming in the Minnetonka School District!

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Why support the fine arts in secondary education?

An arts education:

  • Builds a climate of high expectation; discipline and academic rigor strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Promotes a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance and goal-setting
  • Nurtures a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done
  • Develops greater appreciation and understanding of the world at large
  • Provides an opportunity for parental, community and business involvement with schools
  • School districts that value the arts provide a full education in the deepest sense of the word – one that prepares students to live and work together, to appreciate the interconnectedness of humanity, and to thrive in an uncertain future.


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