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Lynn Johnson Owens '62​​

Lynn Johnson Owens is not only a 1962 graduate of Minnetonka, but returned to the District as a teacher. She spent her entire 46-year career as a second grade teacher at Deephaven, inspiring and engaging young children.

"She has consistently been recognized for her efforts on behalf of her students and genuinely loves what she does. It is readily apparent that her students love her in return. She is remembered and recognized by her students, years after they've graduated from high school. Their affection for her is acutely apparent," explains Karen Anderson Robideau.

Jeanne Krake, a colleague and friend, said that "Lynn is a most effective, caring, engaging, and creative teacher. The parents were excited as the students when they were assigned to her classroom. Lynn's passion for teaching was evident every day as she enthusiastically connected the students with meaningful and challenging lessons."

When speaking with Lynn, it is evident that the relationships with students and families were always front and center. "I don't know if parents ever realize just how much each child means to a teacher. We think about the kids all the time – evenings, weekends, over the summer," explains Lynn. "There is something about the students that lifts your spirits and makes you look forward to each day. I love, love, love it!"

One of her favorite activities with her students was teaching them about nature. They would learn about insects and frogs while taking nature hikes through Burton Park, located behind the school, and down to Carson's Bay. They would study the pond, writing down everything they saw in their notebooks. Sometimes these trips were a "bike hike" that included bike safety tips and trips to Highland Nature Center or Thorpe Park.

"Our main rule on these nature outings was no chasing bees," laughs Lynn. "These trips were a real highlight for the students and they always looked forward to it."

When asked about being inducted into the Faculty Hall of Fame, Lynn made it clear that this was an honor she shares with all of the hard-working teachers at Deephaven and across the district.

"It is unbelievable how creative teachers are and how much energy they put into their work. It's especially noticeable now that I am retired," says Lynn. "Although you can still find me in classrooms from time to time as a substitute. I just can't stay away!"


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