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Earl Christ

Earl Christ was a dedicated basketball coach and a passionate physical education teacher, Christ continues to be remembered 80 years after he first started working at MHS.

Christ started working as a coach and physical education teacher at Deephaven High School before the formation of the Minnetonka School District, and was the first basketball coach when Deephaven and Excelsior high schools merged in 1953 to become Minnetonka High School. As a teacher, he taught physical education, biology and health. Christ also  coached football, basketball and track, and ran the summer recreation program during his time in the district. In 1965, Christ led the Minnetonka basketball team to win the state championship.

“His first love was coaching basketball,” said his son, Tom Christ. “It was a year-round job and it was always a part of what he did. You do what is best for the kids, and that is what my dad always tried to do.”

Jim Lees, one of Christ’s former students shared that “The main idea of his lessons was to get his students in good physical shape. The whole class and his way of teaching just carried an aura of respect. He was a really good role model for his students, other teachers, and the community in general.”

After leaving Minnetonka High School in 1967, Christ took on a variety of different jobs. He went into real estate, traveled the world and became the athletic director at a different district later in his life.

Christ passed away at age 88 in 2002. He has three children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Earl Christ will always be remembered as one of the most influential staff members during the formation of Minnetonka High School, and for his legacy as an inspirational coach, teacher and respected member of the Minnetonka community.

“Actions speak louder than words,” is the motto that Jim Lees remembers Christ by, and feels that it is the message that Christ would have shared with the current students of MHS. “He was genuine and always had a good reason for doing everything he did,” he said.


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