Minnetonka Alumni Association

The Minnetonka Alumni Association was established in 2002 as a way to build community and connection for Minnetonka alumni. Through our annual events and giving opportunities, we also provide ways for alumni to give back to our school district.

We welcome graduates who attended Minnetonka High School, Excelsior High School and Deephaven High School; non-graduates who attended those high schools for at least one year; and all present and former members of the faculty, administration and school board.

Save the Date for the next All-Class, All-Friends Reunion!

The next All-School All-Class Reunion will take place on Saturday, July 27, 2024.

Join the Minnetonka Alumni Association in Downtown Excelsior for a day of fun, friendship and food! Admission is free and open to all Minnetonka Alumni, District faculty and staff, and community members who live near or have a connection to Minnetonka Public Schools.

Funds raised at this event will be used to support Teacher Grants in fine art, science & technology, and student well-being; hold alumni recognition events; and continue the general operation of the Minnetonka Alumni Association.

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All-Class, All-Friends Reunion