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Online instruction
The State of Minnesota requires that driver’s education distance learning be conducted in a face-to-face platform, which requires that students have a video camera and audio capabilities on their devices. Safeway has chosen a secure Zoom platform to conduct the class. Safeway will be emailing the classroom handouts and 2020 MN Driver’s Manual in pdf format for printing. Students will be required to be in front of the camera and interactive for the full three-hour class. Our program includes 30 hours of instruction, as required by law, in 10, three-hour lessons. Students can start classes at age 14½, obtain their permit at age 15 and license at age 16. The curriculum includes study guides, PowerPoint instruction, videos, discussion, worksheets and interactive software. Classes focus on critical behaviors and attitudes common to teen drivers and prepare them for the Minnesota Permit Exam.

Class schedule
Classes meet online Monday-Thursday from 3:45-6:45 p.m. Missed lessons can be made up during the next after-school session, providing space is available.

Behind-the-Wheel instruction
Students must complete six hours of driving lessons with a Safeway instructor before taking the Minnesota Road Exam. Lessons are divided into three two-hour private lessons with a responsible, professional Safeway driving instructor. Students can be picked up from and dropped off at home, school or work. Safeway offers convenient internet behind-the-wheel scheduling. The lessons are given on actual city streets, highways and freeways. It is recommended that students take their first lesson six to eight weeks after receiving their permit. Lessons should be at least 30 days apart allowing for practice with parents in-between lessons.

Parent involvement
The Safeway website offers detailed information to help understand MN laws and the requirements for student drivers. Monthly Parent Information Classes are offered online at

$449 (Includes classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.)

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