Early Childhood Screening (ages 3-5)

Early childhood screening appointments will be released monthly during the school year (September-May). If you would like an email reminder to be notified when new appointments become available, please email the screening office at kate.vanhorne@minnetonkaschools.org.

Early Childhood Screening is required by the State of Minnesota for all preschool-aged children (ages three to five), before entering public school. You may get your screening through Minnetonka Community Education (see instructions below) or you may send us the completed screening results if you've already completed one for your child elsewhere.

It is a FREE and simple check on how your child is growing and developing, and is structured to include fun games that will assess multiple areas of your child’s health and development, including:

  • Vision, hearing and physical growth
  • Health and immunization history
  • Social and emotional development
  • Fine and gross motor ability
  • Cognitive development
  • Speech, language and articulation
  • Screening supports your child’s readiness for kindergarten and promotes positive developmental outcomes. Screening may also lead to referrals for early learning opportunities. Screening is not a kindergarten entrance test. For more information, view the Minnesota Statute here.

Children in playground smiling
Early Childhood Screening Location:

18707 Old Excelsior Blvd
Minnetonka, MN 55345 (map)


Kate Van Horne
Minnetonka Early Childhood Screening Office Assistant
Phone 952-401-6840
Fax 952-401-6805