babies at an ECFE class

Care is available for siblings during most classes while parents take a class with another child. Trained professional staff provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for brothers and sisters, ages three months to five years.

Parent + Child Classes

Baby & Me Classes | Birth-12 months

Meet other parents and enjoy time with your new baby! Spend the entire class together, engaged in sensory and movement activities and a licensed educator-led discussion. Learn about your baby’s growth and development, how to develop healthy eating and sleeping habits and what research tells us about your baby’s important first experiences.

Crawlers & Scooters | 6-12 months

As your baby grows, you encounter a world of new experiences and milestones together. Start your morning by connecting with others who are experiencing the joys and challenges of parenting older infants.

Just Toddling | 12-18 months

Toddlers are curious, busy and on the go! Spend time with other parents who have the same questions and concerns about this stage of their child’s life. Enjoy activities with your toddler and an educator-led discussion about this period of rapid growth.

NEW! Early Childhood Family & Special Education Collaborative Class  12-35 months

Early Childhood is a time of exploration and discovery. Co-taught with general education and special education staff, this class provides a wonderful opportunity for families to participate in engaging activities filled with motor, social, and sensory play that parents and children can experience together. A licensed parent educator will provide resources and parent discussions on a variety of parenting topics chosen by the group including parenting children with unique needs. During child separation time, the children will be supported by both a licensed general education early childhood teacher as well as an early childhood special education teacher.

Multi-Age | 12-48 months

Is your schedule open on Wednesday mornings and you have one or more children between the ages of 12-48 months? Then this class is for you. Join other families with young children for fun, hands-on activities followed by discussion with a licensed parenting educator. Conversation topics may range from behavior strategies to eating and sleeping routines. 

Multiples - Twins and Triplets | 1 year-Pre-kindergarten

Meet other parents of multiples and share joys and challenges, while finding the information and support that you need. Gain ideas for managing sleep, discipline, toileting, eating and more through parent discussion.

Rise & Shine | 1 year-Pre-kindergarten

A Saturday morning learning adventure! Enjoy time playing and learning together through activities designed for you and your child. Boost your parenting skills through parent discussion while children interact with their peers and teachers.

Curious Climbers | 18-24 months

At 18-24 months old, your toddler isn’t just walking through the world — they’re off and running! Learn ways to interact with your child through fun activities and share about your experience with this new stage of independence in an educator-led discussion.

Movers & Shakers | 24-36 months

Between the ages of two and three your child is a mover and shaker in a world full of wonder and discovery. Explore this world with them and gather for a discussion with other parents experiencing life with a toddler who is talking, becoming independent and challenging rules with a new found confidence.

NEW! Every Child Outdoors | 33 months-Pre-kindergarten

At ECFE, we know the importance of children (and adults!) spending time outside.  We have a lovely outdoor space adjacent to our building and are offering a parent-child class that connects young learners with nature, creativity and scientific inquiry.  This is a non-separating class where children and parents explore activities in our outdoor learning center and go on nature walks to Lake Minnetonka!

NEW! Parents & Preschoolers 33 months-5 years

The preschool years are a time of wonder and learning as well as new challenges for parents. Experience fun activities with your chid and then join with other parents to discuss topics relevant to this age range. 

Night Owls | 1 year-Pre-kindergarten

Night Owls is a great way to reconnect with your child(ren) after a long day. Join other families for fun activities, followed by an educator-led discussion. Conversation topics range from behavior strategies to eating and sleeping routines.

STEM: Science Discovery 3-5 years

Explore fun science topics with your child during these afternoon/evening parent-child classes! All classes align with elementary life science, earth science, physical science, and/or nature of science and engineering standards.

Parent Only Classes

Parent Talk

Missing the connection with other parents while your child is in preschool? This class is for you! Led by a parent educator, meet with other parents and discuss topics about your children and families. Support each other through this adult-only class. Offered both in-person or virtual.

Parent Book Club

Many opinions and beliefs exist around what is “right” for parenting, which may not align with evidence-based research regarding what is developmentally appropriate for your child and fits the needs of your family. Join Parent Book Club to explore recent literature in parenting and discuss how it translates into tangible application. Discussion will be facilitated by a licensed Parent Educator. This opportunity is designed for parents with children ages Birth –Grade 3. Offered both in-person or virtual.