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Avian Allies
Avian Allies

Human progress impacts the natural world, and these three young engineers discovered a unique way in which technology can lessen its harmful effects. Finalists in the 2016 Minnesota FIRST® Lego® League championships competing against more than 600 teams, Alex, Elena and Sam researched and prototyped an ultraviolet-infused plastic film to prevent bird collisions and fatalities at U.S. Bank Stadium. As part of their research the "Avian Allies" met with 3M materials scientists and ultimately were invited to present their project to the Minnesota Sports Facility Authority.

Along with insights into manufacturing processes and hands-on experience with innovation, lead programmer Elena says the Minnetonka Community Education FIRST® Lego® League program, "taught me how to work as part of a team and settle disagreements without fighting. This is VERY important in everyday life, particularly if you have an older brother."

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Avian Allies

Alex, Elena and Sam learned more than robotics through FIRST® Lego® League.


Joel finds hands-on practice next to an experienced chef makes a world of difference when trying new recipes.

Donna and Pennie

Friends Donna and Pennie have been taking weekly watercolor classes for four years.


Calvin loves music and has been studying with the Minnetonka Music Academy for eight years.


Lisa Terrell is a new Kettlebell instructor with us. She brings a passion and enthusiasm for fitness to her classes.


Sophie has studied piano and violin at Minnetonka Music Academy for four years.


Sarah takes yoga to feel relaxed, calm, happy and ready to start her day.


Playing since first grade, Trey and his school team recently took first place among 43 metro-area schools.


Formerly a paralegal from Sydney, Coral brushed up on her tech skills in our computer classes to help prepare her for entering the local workforce.