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Marin is a Minnetonka 6th grader who has participated in enrichment and recreation classes through MCE. Some of her favorites were More Than Pink, an empowerment and 5k training program for girls, and Growing Up: Parents and Daughters Connecting.

Marin says, "The Parents and Daughters Connecting class taught me that we all grow at different rates and that even though we all look and grow differently, we are all amazing. In More Than Pink, I liked how everyone in the class was at a different stage of learning and we all learned from each other. We felt we could act like ourselves because the instructor made sure we got to know each other really well. I learned so much! All the skills the instructors taught me have prepared me for my life ahead. These classes were amazing, and I think everyone should get a chance to take them."

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Marin takes enrichment classes through Minnetonka Community Ed

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