Superintendent Dennis Peterson

Welcome to the Minnetonka Public Schools!

Thank you for your interest in our school district--one of the finest in Minnesota and the nation. We're very proud of the work we do here, and we think our job of educating children is one of the most important jobs in the world. In Minnetonka, we are focused on world-class, child-centered excellence.

Minnetonka is an innovative district within a stable community. Thanks to tremendous community support and outstanding financial management, we have not experienced district budget cuts since 2005--and we are the only district in the metro area that can make that claim. With 72% voter support of our referendum in 2015, our budget projections are strong for the foreseeable future.

With 72% voter support of our referendum in 2015, our budget projections are strong for the foreseeable future.
That means we can focus on children and learning.

You will also find stability in school communities. As a fully-developed community, we do not anticipate any changes in school or district boundaries. With stable and well-managed operations, we are able to focus on innovative learning for children.

We attract and retain faculty and staff who are among the best in their field. We are a national leader in using technology as an accelerator of learning. Together, master teachers and innovative tools provide personalized learning for each child.

We have a sense of urgency for meeting the needs of today's changing learners. We know we are preparing students for a future we can only imagine. We are dedicated to redefining excellence in education in our own terms and significantly enhancing learning opportunities for children.

Please come in and visit our schools, both virtually and in person. Education is a very personal experience. You can only gain a true understanding of how much we care about every child's education by observing our staff and our students first-hand. Our principals would be happy to schedule a tour for you.

By any measure of educational excellence, Minnetonka School District excels. If you are looking for a community committed to families and children, one that values and supports education, and has a hometown community feel, you've found it in the Minnetonka School District!

Dennis Peterson, Ph.D

Dr Dennis Peterson

Dr. Dennis Peterson, Superintendent

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