School Board Recognition Group photo
Committees 2023 Appointees

AMSD (Association of Metropolitan School Districts)

Dr. Mike Remucal

MTA Liaisons

Meghan Selinger, Lisa Wagner

Finance Advisory Committee

Patrick Lee-O'Halloran

Materials Review Committee

Meghan Selinger

Teaching and Learning Advisory

Meghan Selinger
Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation Chris Vitale

PTO/PTA Leaders

Mark Ambrosen

Special Education Advisory

Katie Becker


Mark Ambrosen, Dr. Mike Remucal
Mental Health Advisory Dr. Mike Remucal


Patrick Lee-O'Halloran, Lisa Wagner
Community Education Advisory Katie Becker
Preschool and ECFE Advisory Meghan Selinger, Chris Vitale

OPEB Advisory

Patrick Lee-O'Halloran