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For today’s students, technology is a part of their world and will be a key part of their futures. To prepare our students to excel in today’s rapidly changing world, Minnetonka Public Schools is using collaborative technology to help students construct new knowledge and learn to solve the significant challenges of tomorrow. Our focus on learning, backed by a strong technology infrastructure, makes us a national leader in using technology as an accelerator of learning. Today technology tools allow personalized, engaging, and real-world learning opportunities...

We are guided by a belief that technology changes the way teachers teach and children learn. We believe that effective use of technology will develop students who approach problems more creatively, think more critically, collaborate more skillfully and communicate with higher levels of precision. We believe we are developing the community, business, non-profit and global leaders of the future.

To move all students to higher levels of learning and technological literacy, they need access to technology when and where it can best be weaved into learning. Access to technology, in coordination with great teachers, provides students the opportunity to explore concepts, interact with experts, and solve real-world problems. Harnessing the power of computers, the Internet, and other modern tools keeps classroom resources and materials up-to-date to an unprecedented extent. Technology also allows for self-directed, personalized learning projects. We tailor curriculum to students' interests and foster active learning rather than rote transfer of information.

As Minnetonka looks to the next decade and beyond, we envision new tech expectations for college preparedness, careers, and global citizenship. Consider that mobile technology is already standard for more than half of today’s workforce. Knowing that, we have an obligation to transform today’s learning and tailor it to new and emerging technologies that will be staples of our students’ futures. Technology, though, is a tool for learning, not an end in itself. Through the plethora of personal devices that connect us to the world around us, we have new opportunities to personalize learning.

Personal technologies are more student-centered. Teacher can assess and teach to a student's "just-right learning level" and make real-time adjustment for just-in-time learning. Today’s students learn more rapidly, allowing them to immerse themselves into issues we could have only imagined when we were in school. Our kids are tackling challenging problems at a young age—from water quality and ecosystems to computer coding and engineering design.

Minnetonka is preparing creative and critical thinkers who are excited about learning and can use technology to demonstrate what they know, thanks to the collaborative tools used in our schools. We have unlocked the collective genius of our students, while preparing them to work together as responsible digital citizens.

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