Technology Fast Facts

Streamlined access to digital security take center stage

Upload a biology lab report. Download and read an historical document. Scroll through teacher comments. Contribute to an online literature discussion. These activities are part of everyday learning in Minnetonka, thanks to well-trained teachers and carefully selected technology tools that help deliver engaging education. With digital curriculum and 120 educational apps literally at their fingertips, our students are learning to dig deeper, apply knowledge and solve problems in every subject—from math to music.

Learning is progressing faster, in part because teachers are using technology to assess student learning almost as it happens. With immediate feedback, teachers can re-teach or individualize material if needed, and move on if everyone understands.

Single Sign-On: Secure access for students, families and staff

The critical collaboration between students, families, teachers and staff is expedited by Minnetonka’s new single sign-on (SSO) solution: password-protected access to textbooks, apps, calendars, assignments, supporting materials, classroom news, grades and more. After signing on, busy families can review (and reinforce) expectations for all children and initiate conversations if assistance or school intervention is needed. The efficiency of single sign-on is great for students and teachers, too, saving more than 4,500 instructional hours per year. Teachers spend less time managing student passwords, and students are less frustrated waiting for multiple log-ins.

With more than 10,000 user accounts belonging to minors, system security is a high priority for the District’s technology team.  By filtering what gets in through email, malicious websites, and other blatant hacks, we can protect children from inappropriate content that can be found on the Web. With enhanced filtering, all District devices prohibit inappropriate sites regardless of whether the device is on or off campus. All District apps are rated for age 13 or younger, and the App store is controlled for District-approved apps only. Teachers also encourage families to use similar filters (such as and set restrictions for children who use home computers, WiFi networks or a personal cell phone.

Developing responsible creators and consumers of technology

To help students understand their responsibility in the proper use of technology—what we call Digital Health and Wellness—Minnetonka is delivering grade-appropriate curriculum like Common Sense Media to guide students on how to make good choices, identify inappropriate content and prevent hurtful cyber bullying. Students are also reminded about the permanence and searchability of their digital footprint and the importance of safeguarding personal information.

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