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Our learning management systems (LMS), Schoology & Seesaw, are web-based interfaces that provide students and parents with direct digital access to the learning environment. We chose Schoology in 2010 for our grade 4-12 students. The functionality of Schoology has proven to be worthy of high-level online learning, and is effectively deployed as the platform for Tonka Online. In the fall of 2019 we began using Seesaw for our younger learners in grades E-3.

It is essential that parents and students have direct access to the learning program and that they are authentic partners in the learning process. In traditional classrooms of the past, teachers would often be the gatekeepers to future learning and students would only have a one-page syllabus as a road map for what is to come. In today’s modern classroom, students and parents have full access to the course details and the learning transcends the brick and mortar classroom in multiple ways. Beginning in our preschool and kindergarten classrooms, Seesaw showcases students' learning to their parents by letting students directly share photos and videos of their learning. Since each student has a device, students use Seesaw and Schoology to access a link to a website for further practice, turn in an assignment digitally, take online quizzes, use discussion boards and much more.

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